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Who would have thought you could grow attached to someone you disliked in the first place? Actors of British Sci-Fi drama series “Doctor Who” have that effect on their fans and never have I thought ever that Matt Smith would have that effect on me after seeing him leave the show on Christmas day. Matthew Robert Smith is a British actor best known for his role as the eccentric Eleventh Doctor in the series and though fans of the show doubted him because of his age and lack of experience and exposure, Whovians had learned to love him after he showed and proved to the world that he epitomized The Doctor.

Smith was born on the 28th of October 1982, making him the youngest actor to ever play the character in the television series at age 26 when he joined the show on January 2009. He grew up in Northampton England and attended Northampton School for Boys. Smith had a knack for football as a young boy and played for the youth teams of Northampton Town, Nottingham Forest and Leicester City. In an interview with Smith on BBC last year, he said:

“There is a history of footballers in my family, my grandad played for Notts County and my dad played at county level. But there were no expectations because my dad’s a wonderful man and he would never put that pressure on me.”

He dreamed of becoming a professional football player but due to spondylosis, a back injury he was diagnosed with at age 16, he was forced to quit football.

Following the injury, Smith was introduced by one of his former teachers in drama to acting by signing him up to be part of a school play but he was adamant. He described his grief from quitting football and his wanting to be a football player instead of an actor.

"But I had a wonderful teacher called Mr. [Jerry] Hardingham, who put my name down for a play without my knowing about it. It was ‘Twelve Angry Men’ and I was

Juror Number 10. And then he put me into a drama festival and I didn't turn up, I was a footballer and acting wasn't that cool.”

But after being encouraged and pushed by Hardingham, Smith pursued his acting career after graduating from the University of East Anglia in 2005 with degrees in Drama and Creative Writing and joining the National Youth Theatre in London and started appearing in BBC TV movies in 2006 and 2007. “He was so self-effacing he wasn’t sure if he would be good enough,” Hardingham says of Smith. Moreover, he got his big break when he played his first major role in “Party Animals,” a BBC television series about people involved in the Parliament of United Kingdom where he plays the role of Parliamentary researcher Danny Foster.

Not only the world was in shock when word that Matt Smith had been cast as the Eleventh Doctor was out; Smith himself says so that he was also “flabbergasted” when he found out he was to replace David Tennant in the show. “Doctor Who has the iconic status of Robin Hood or Sherlock Holmes, and I’m taking that on. That’s my...

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