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Doctor Whooves And The Cutie Makers

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Henges exist on many different worlds, in many different universes, including the one known commonly as Equestria. Most are simple circles of earthenworks, oddly indefensible as the protective ditch is dug inside the ring wall rather than outside it where you would think it would do the most good. The most famous have huge stone pillars arranged in precise patterns, and these are the ones most people think of and say they are ancient places full of magical power.
But really these structures are just huge elaborate sundials. Well, stardials to be precise. A big stone clock, with calendar functions. And religious functions.
Sundials (and stardials,) being somewhat useless in cloudy conditions, ...view middle of the document...

Can you hand me a spanner?”
A single slow, yet faint gong sounded around the white and gold room, barely heard by Derpy over the buzzing in her head. A buzzing that had started as soon as the Doctor had buried himself in wires. She frowned and stalked closer to the hexagonal control system, trying to peer under to see her companion. “Doctor? What kind of gap are you trying to span?”
The Doctor scooted out from under the panels with a matching frown. “That’s exactly what I was talking about. Something’s wrong with the TARDIS’ telepathic translation circuits. We shouldn’t have needed to be told that Sdukʷalbixʷ meant Children of the Moon back in Tartaurus. And you shouldn’t need to be told a spanner is a type of wrench.”
All Derpy could hear at that point was a loud screech, overwhelming her senses. Sparks leapt from the controls, followed by the gong several times repeated. Loud enough for even the Doctor to notice this time. Derpy staggered backwards, stumbling against the railing as her eyes spun wildly. “¿Doctor, yo no comprends pas? 出来事 Что такое? Shoop-bee-doo !”
“Oh no… No, no, no, no.” The Doctor dove back under the console, twisting wires together, and yanking out others. The gonging stopped, and the general lighting dimmed. Only the slow rise and fall of the central pillar indicated the TARDIS was still operating. The Doctor sagged in relief, pressing his forehead against the console panel. “Ah. Remind me to not do that again.”
Derpy swayed away from the railing while the Doctor pulled himself out of the mess and followed her closely. He put his foreleg around her shoulders. “Feeling better? Sorry about that.”
Sitting down abruptly, Derpy shook her head. “What was that?”
The Doctor looked back to the central console, tapping his chin with his hoof. “Seems I was trying to fix a symptom, not the problem.” He waved his hoof at the dimmed lights. “We’re running on reduced power right now until we land and I have a chance to fix it properly, down in the Power Room.”
Derpy raised an eyebrow and looked at the Doctor. “Power Room?”
Wind whistled through the valley, where a lone pony dug at the weeds in her fields with a wooden hoe. She was smaller than the average pony, but heavier-set, and with a roached mane. No cutie-mark graced her pale russet flank, but a dark line travelled down her spine, and a very faint pattern of stripes adorned her legs.
“Dagy! Dagy!” called a distant voice.
Dagy looked up and grimaced as the chieftain of the clan crested the hill. Quagga was shaped much like Dagy, small, heavy-set, and without a cutie-mark, but a light gray rather than the reddish tones of Dagy. “What now Quagga? I’ve got work to do. We won’t have enough when the snow comes as it is.”
Quagga was all grins, dancing in place. “Asinus says the Gods are coming! We’re to all meet in the circle to greet them! We might get more gifts!”
Dagy sighed and tossed the hoe into her wheelbarrow. “Joy.”
As the pair retreat back to their village they do not see...

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