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POLS 433
Doctors Without Borders
Basic Information:
The Headquarters for DWB is in Geneva Switzerland. DWB staffs about 19,400 men and women who have medical training of some form. They work in about 60 different countries. They help with all medical needs that the people of any given country needs. The assist in things like child birth, physical harms, viral and bacterial infections, and even helping teach local medical departments how to be self-sustaining.
Medecins Sans Frontieres was the first name for Doctors Without Borders, which was founded in 1971 as a new brand of humanitarianism. This came after 1968 when people started seeing children dying on their Television. Some doctors started to work with The Red Cross, but they had their limitations that some doctors did not agree with. When DWB was created around 300 volunteers were onboard. Of the 300 the original founders totaled 13 of which consisted of doctors and journalists. They started by going into places of mass conflict in which The Red Cross did not want to go and helping the people there. Their first mission was in Nicaragua after an earthquake destroyed Managua in 1972. This disaster killed anywhere between 10,000 – 30,000 people. The actually did not want to be organized like The Red Cross, but they needed to be to help as many people as they could. Although they are not very organized they do have structure. This change came very quickly after their birth, when they organized in 1977-78.
Organizational Structure:

Doctors Without Borders gets all of their money from donations. They hold fundraisers and rely on the public to give them money. They are one of the few groups that does not receive money from the Gates fund. They refuse to take money from Drug companies or any “ill fated” companies such as oil companies, tobacco, ECT. They also do not take money from the U.S. government because they do not was to be seen as pushing an agenda. They average an annual budget of 1.63 Billion USD a year. 90% of which come from private donors, while the 10% come from different companies. The spending breaks down as follows, 89.6% goes to program services, 9% goes to fundraising, and finally 1.4% go to general needs and Management. They spend money to have things like balls and large parties for wealthy donors to try to persuade them to donate more money than they had spent on these festivities. The general and Management spending are very limited. The...

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