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Doctrinal Paper On Creation, Humanity, And The Fall

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This fall of humanity is one of the hardest topics to discuss. When God finished creating everything he said it was all “very good” (Gen. 1:31), so how can evil creep up out of nowhere and cause the disobedience that cause the state of sin. I honestly have no idea and believe that any theory to understand it would be weak but nonetheless, I will discuss some of the ideas out there. Let’s look at Satan first. Now, since he is an angel (a fallen one), created by God, he had to choice to share in God’s glory. However, being that close to God and being in his presence like that might have given Satan a god complex. He was considered the angel of angels but there was still one position that ...view middle of the document...

Some suggest Adam was symbolized the representative of humanity and since he is the representative then everyone he represents is affected. I have issue with this logic; when I think of a representative, I think of a representative from congress. Not everyone that person represents is in agreement with what that person says, but rather, the majority who voted for him/her and won. I am certain if anyone else (other than Adam or Eve) was in the Garden when this occurred and knew the consequences of disobedience, they would have tried to stop them. I agree with the idea that sin was a disease that Adam contracted and thus was passed on through the generations. However, that will not work either because that would suggest that Adam was already predisposed to committing sin or since he was in a sinless state that argument is futile. Now though, I believe sin is similar to my explanation of humanity being created in the image and likeness of God. When Adam sinned, he broke that connection that he had with God and the only thing that resembled that was the fact he and Eve were created in God image. Now, I said earlier that neither Abel nor Cain were created in God’s image in regards to them being of the royal line. However, Seth was of this royal line but since he was created in Adam’s image and likeness, he also was connected to Adam through sin as well. So, because of our marred connection to God through Adam, and being in Adam’s image and likeness, “all have sinned and come short of the glory of God” (Rom. 3:23).
When Adam professed to God that he sinned, God places the judgment on Adam and Eve. God promised death and death is given to them. This punishment of death is expanded to not just physical death but also spiritual and eternal death. I believe Adam and Eve were already eating from the Tree of Life, and since God did not tell them they otherwise, this physical death and banishment from the Garden kept them from further eating from that tree in their sin. This would explain why people were living longer. Be mindful that Adam was not just eating for the tree of life, but also had a sinless body before the fall. Which the combination of those two factors, death came much later in life for Adam and his descendants until after Noah. The spiritual death represents the separation between God and humans. As a result, humanity was brought under God’s judgment. Next is eternal death; because of our separation from God, we were to be forever separated from him and since to know God is eternal life (Jn. 17:2), to not know God is separation and death. Jesus talks about this separation in Matthew with the separating of the righteous and unrighteous with the unrighteous being thrown in the eternal fire (Matt. 25:46). Death is the direct result of sin; another result of sin is shame.
When Adam and Eve first realized they were naked, they were felt shame and guilt for the first time. Shame because they were naked and dishonored God...

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