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Doctrine Of The Mean Applied To My Life

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In a certain game, if the “game rule” allows you to order your preference over your choices, you will, in theory, find out the option that matters most to you; if it does not, you may not single out one of your most favourites. What matters most to you in the later case is the “game rule”, because it influences your decision. Based upon the above reasoning, my answer to the question of what matters most to you is the “game rule”, my guiding philosophy of doctrine of the mean. It affects my decision when I face choices in life.

Doctrine of the mean is one of the most sophisticated ancient Chinese philosophies. But my education and life experience have helped develop my own understanding of the philosophy, which in return guides my view of the world and my choice for life.

The doctrine of the mean represents a life attitude toward choices of life based on self-awareness. If someone seems to be full of ideas, ...view middle of the document...

I felt lost in those years. Fortunately, the PH.D life in York offered me the chance to explore myself. For financial reason, I had to take some part-time job as steward and student porter. Honestly, I felt ashamed when I was doing those jobs because I thought a PH.D should have done the office job in a big company instead of moving chairs from one conference room to another.

When I started to get along with my part-time worker mates, their stories made me re-assess my view of life. Mike, one of the stewards, was from a rich family. His father was a famous pianist in London. He dropped his college to do the steward job because he thought it was easy and required less thinking. Ben, who was an ex-manager in a automobile company and loved to build car for himself, took the porter’s job for the simple reason that he liked to talk with conference guests. When they chose their jobs, they did not have prejudice (lowliness or nobleness) on their job options but simply based their choices on their needs and interest. Having realized that, I found it was so ridiculous that I worked hard to take some boring exams just for a higher GPA. Once I poured my pride and narrow-minded thinking out of my “cup” and got ready for changing, I felt free and happy.

In my third year PH.D, I found my life interest-stock investing thanks to my colleague Koiji who earned his 2 years tuition fees from stock market investing. I devoted my heart to the research and practice at China’s stock markets. For over 10 years, I have been enjoying myself in this business.

Doctrine of the mean matters most to me because it has taught me never to set a goal beyond my capability, because it has offered me a standard when I face choices, the standard allowing no bias before decision, and because it has educated me to always leave room for changing. Moreover, since the philosophy now is part of my life, my future life experience will accordingly grant new meaning to it.

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