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Document Analysis Of Slave Petition To The General Assembly In Connecticut

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Lourdes Basbas
27 March 2014
HIST 109 MW 0800-0925
Document Analysis 2

1. Name of document, who wrote the document (if given) and date it was written.

The name of the document is Slave Petition to the General Assembly in Connecticut. It was written on the 11th day of May, 1779. It was written by Prime and Prince for the Honorable General Assembly of the State of Connecticut.

2. What two significant historical events/ trends were occurring when the document was created? Do not include the specific document, but select related events or trends that contextualize the document. What is the context (background and events going on) of this primary source? Include 1-2 sentences explaining the event/ trend.

Economic depression is a major challenge that Americans were facing during and after the American Revolution. Wars are expensive and the way to finance them is by collecting high taxes from colonial merchants and selling goods at an incredibly high prize. Because the congress failed to open trade with the British, debt was unpaid and the way they pay it was through selling some of the states sold property and apprehended Indian lands. This led to Shay’s Rebellion, a form of protest that occurred in Central and Western Massachusetts to lessen the economic distress by shutting down the courts so Congress cannot collect taxes.
Another major event that contributed to the challenge of Revolution in the 1770s was the role of women in the economy as contributors to war by being consumers, leaders of riots and producers. Women were denied the right to vote and own property. The American Revolutionaries questioned and is somewhat threatened by change of social order because women can make their own political choices without being ordered what to do.
3. What is the purpose of the document and summarize in paragraph form the main points of the document?

The purpose of the document is to explain and describe the petition of a slave to the General Assembly in Connecticut. The document explains how Prime and Prince on behalf of the other slaves wants freedom from oppression contextualizing religious principles of liberty to petition for the natural rights and human rights of every free men. Prime and Prince understood their right and duty as a person but will never understand that they were born slaves. He pointed out his concern for the children including those unborn that they too specially do not deserve to be slaves. This...

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