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Documentary: “World Peace Versus The United Nations”

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Human destruction, in the form of international disputes and war, is the most dangerous and probable form of the end of the world. It has the potential to envelope the world in a nuclear winter and destroy the earth’s environment. War constantly affects countries around the world, and has been for all of human existence. The chance that small disputes between two countries will lead to international warfare is extremely high – both world wars were caused by such circumstances. After the first and second world wars, the United Nations (UN) and the International Criminal Court (ICC) were created to mediate international disputes and uphold international law. However, these systems are ineffective and will ultimately be contribute to a global war. The documentary “World Peace versus the United Nations” will focus on how problems within the UN are likely to cause the end of the world. I will prove this by examining the effects of the world’s reliance on the UN to solve international problems, and argue that the UN fails to resolve these issues because of the power imbalance within the group. This imbalance inhibits global peace by providing large countries with too much international decision-making power, which undermines international relationships and allows for powerful countries to control how the UN and the ICC function. Thus, UN hegemony is the most important issue the world faces today, and it is the most likely force to cause the end of the world.
The UN’s power imbalance allows the five permanent members of the UN Security Council to hold hegemony over the rest of the world. These five permanent members include China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and USA (Current Members, Permanent and Non-Permanent Members section, para. 2). These members have veto rights that give them absolute power over the proceedings of the UN, creating a power imbalance which has contributed to the failure of the ICC and IHL. After over a decade of prosecuting criminals, the ICC has not sentenced any person guilty to violating IHL because any permanent member can delay ICC trials by one year or choose to fail a movement, even if every other member of the UN approves it (Struett, 2012, On Peace and Justice section, para. 1; Schiff, 2012, Background section, para. 5). Thus, the UN Security Council members allow major violators of the IHL to avoid trial and continue their crimes, contributing to world wars and increasing the chances of a third world war. We must avoid a third world because new technology, combined with population density and globalization (especially one country’s dependence on other countries for food imports) would quickly lead to the destruction of humanity. Once establishing the history and conflicts between the permanent Security Council members and the UN, the documentary “World Peace versus the United Nations” will propose possible solutions to limit the strength of the five member states while maintaining their support....

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