Dodge Evolution Essay

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Horace Elgin Dodge and John Dodge created their first truck in 1914, the Dodge Model 30. The Dodge Brothers’ cars’ were ranked at second place for U.S. sales as early as 1916. Dodge cars have come a-long ways in 100 years, along with their advertisements. These advertisements helped create the billion dollar company and without them, Dodge would not have sold the millions of cars and trucks they have already sold. Modern day advertisements are the basics of selling cars; including the “Ground Attack” Dodge Ad and the 2014 Dodge Ad. Although the “Ground Attack” Dodge ad and the 2014 Dodge ad are both good ways of selling a truck, the ground attack dodge ad is better because its design, ...view middle of the document...

The prominent image is the most important part of the advertisement and without the background supporting it, the prominent image becomes weak. The backgrounds of these two advertisements changed greatly over 25 years, helping create a newer look for the 2014 dodge ad. In this ad, the background consists of 2 grain bins, within a setting of dark farmland. This helps transform the prominent image into a cool, tough made truck. The ground attack dodge advertisement uses two backgrounds; the first is the background in which the prominent image is displayed. This image is surrounded by an outdoorsy blue sky, which shows the truck as outgoing and adventurous. The bottom background is shows in the woods on a trail, displaying that the truck is capable to go off-road wherever the driver feels comfortable going. The background is very successful in capturing the reader’s attention and is one of the most important things in a successful advertisement. Often enough, the theme of an advertisement affects how the reader responds to the advertisement.
The theme of the advertisement can easily be determined by observing many characteristics of the advertisement. Themes very greatly between every advertisement, drawing the reader...

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