Doernbecher Releases Always Excite Sneaker Community

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Doernbecher Releases Always Excite Sneaker Community

Doernbecher Children’s hospital is part of Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). It is located in Portland Oregon. This year the hospital was ranked one of the best children’s hospital in United States in 8 out of 10 pediatric specialties, according to U.S. News & World Reports 2013-1014. The premiere health institute teamed up with nike back in 2004 to help children raise money for the hospital. The Doernbecher Freestyle Program was developed so certain children each year could design their very own custom nike shoes to be sold by nike. All the proceeds go to expand research, support clinical care, purchase state-of-the-art equipment, recruit new experts, and help cover the cost of treatment for families most in need. This year is the 10th year anniversary for the program and so far it has let 58 young patients raise more than 6 million dollars.
This year’s 10th anniversary Doernbecher Freestyle collection gave 7 lucky children and teens the opportunity to design their own shoe. This years collection will also have apparell. The shoes have names all the way to glow in the dark elements to symbolize their incredible strength and positive spirit. The collection will be released on November 23, at the normal 8:00 am release time.

Elijah Diggins
Elijah age fourteen chose to design his very own pair of Nike Air Foamposite 1’s. Last year he was diagnosed with Burkitt’s Leukemia. He went through a extremely tough batch of chemotherapy to get back on they way to good health. Before his cancer he loved playing baseball, he was the pitcher on his team, and he actually won the state championship. Some aspects on the shoe include his very own smiley face logo when turned upside down it reveals his initials. The color scheme is a tribute to his favorite athlete, basketball player Lebron James. The tongue features Japanese symbols that stand for courage. The shoes will release for $250.

Kira Smith
Kira age 17 chose to design a pair of Nike Dunk Sky Hi. She recently overcame obsessive compulsive disorder with the help by Doernbecher’s child psychiatry team. She is an accomplished dancer and a dream to be designer with an elaborate portfolio of sketches. The main inspiration for her shoe is from her love of victorian fashion and fascination with Alice in Wonderland. The outsole features hand-drawn graphics, plus a quote from a cheshire cat that reads “we’re all mad here.” Her shoes will cost $120.

Kate Smith
She got the experience of designing her own pair of Nike Roshe Run. She is kira’s identical twin and suffered from the same mental illness. She loves her medieval sword collection and her bow and arrow set. The black leather on the shoes represents her love for biker jackets. The side panels showcase her favorite shade of forest green and she added rhinestones for extra bling. This shoes will release for $75.

Jake Dering
Jake is eight years old and picked the Nike Free Run 5.0 for...

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