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Does A Heartbeat Determine Life? Essay

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Common’s “Retrospect for Life” is a personal account of the issue of abortion from the parents’ point of view. It denotes the emotion and decision making that comes along with making that decision to liquidize such a young soul and the effects it has on the conceivers. Common settles on his view that abortion was convenient at the time, but when he looks back on his decision he is living in complete guilt because of one of his stupid mistakes. In Common’s song he admitted that he created the child irresponsibly and he wasn’t aware that he was able to make a girl pregnant at his age. Common may have went through the decision of abortion for his son because he thought that he wasn’t old enough or physical so he didn’t have a heartbeat and it was okay to abort. Abortion is a barricaded decision that survives in the very back of our thoughts, but when it’s convenient it comes forth to the light.
Abortion; is the intentional killing of a fetus which usually stems from the result of an unintended pregnancy, instead of being prepared to take care of the child, couples take the easy route. Abortion is completed at it’s early stages of gestation, a study was conducted, “the Contraceptive CHOICE Project, in which women at risk of unintended pregnancy in the St. Louis, Missouri, region received a reversible contraceptive method of their choice for up to 3 years at no cost”, which is a good clinical research opportunity simply because a lot of people don’t have access to contraceptives to prevent their multiple pregnancies back to back (Allen 75). Around the world as a whole, one may notice that unintended pregnancies are higher among the uneducated, the lower income and unmarried women living with their partners. The project consisted of over 9000 women and was scheduled between August 2007 and September 2011. Rebecca Allen tried to convince readers that when contraceptives were offered, abortion rates are presumed to decrease significantly. Studies were taken from women 15-44, but the most common and highest percentage of abortions was within the age range of 15-19. Over 46% of the CHOICE participants chose to use levonorgestrel IUD, which is a T shaped piece of plastic with certain progesterone in it with the complicated name of levonorgestrel. Within this article it states that the participants in CHOICE using the patch, pill or ring were 22 times more likely to end up pregnant and have complications.
Not only are people getting one abortion, but they are repeated offenders almost like a crime, “and repeat abortion rates rose from 11.5% per year in 1995 to 14.9% per year in 2007” repeat abortions increased by 3% in 12 short years, no that doesn’t sound bad but it just means everything got worse (Falk 272). In this article another smaller study was also conducted by asking open-ended questions enough to allow for explanations. Along with the use of contraceptives, there are a few sources of knowledge including partners, the women’s clinic,...

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