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Does A Basic Level Of Water Service Outweigh The Cost Of Doing So?

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In 2002, the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights described water as a “limited natural resource and a public fundamental for life and health.” (UNCESCR, 2003) Drawing on a variety of international treaties, UNCESCR declared that “the right to water is clearly…essential for securing an adequate standard of living, since it's the foremost basic conditions for survival.” (World Health Organisation, 2003,) Hence, access to adequate, safe, acceptable, physically accessible and reasonable priced water for private and domestic uses was recognised as an independent and universal right (UNCESCR, 2003). Although the UN clearly focus on over one billion individuals worldwide World Health Organization that does not have any access to safe, clean water (WHO, 2003), the principles of the general Comment made public above is true about for developed countries moreover, together with Australia. For instance, the UN additionally agreed that freedom to use to water includes the right to “a system of water system and management that gives equality of chance for individuals to appreciate the right to water.” (UNCESCR, 2003) In a South Australian context, this suggests that no vulnerable or disadvantaged South Australian should be denied the social, economic and health benefits of access to water. SACOSS asserts that function this right should underpin any changes within the operation or function of SA Water. The World Health Organisation states that “poor families while not access to safe water oftentimes notice themselves even poorer as a result of ill-health caused by [that] lack.” (2003) In Australia, this can be notably true for rural and remote Aboriginal and sound dweller communities: “…many individuals living in remote native communities in Australia do not have easy accessibility to adequate provides of water or safe sanitation systems – services accepted as basic rights and brought with a pinch of salt by the overwhelming majority of Australians. Given the wide accepted importance of water and sanitation to health…poor environmental conditions ar a serious reason behind poor health in native communities.” (Bailie, Carson & McDonald, 2004,) A lack of fine quality water conjointly affects low financial gain and deprived families in less direct ways in which, like increasing the value of wholesome food. A wholesome and varied diet could be a key social cause of health — while not one, people face an attenuated expectancy, Associate in Nursingd an enhanced probability of developing deficiency diseases. This drawback is exacerbated as rental costs, fuel, utilities and alternative value of living expenses steady increase over time (Cannon, 2007). The affordability of a wholesome diet relies on farmers having access to a secure and property water system, as while not one the value of farming and agriculture will increase, which means overall food production decreases, resulting in a rise within the value of basic food things (Gregson, 2008)....

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