Does Age Affect New Media? Essay

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What is Web 2.0? Web 2.0 is a series of technological improvements. It was introduced around 2004. The concept is focused around people being able to share information and user interaction. It has become a better medium for open communication. Some examples of Web 2.0 are social networks, blogs, and Wikipedia. Some of those social networks are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These networks allow users to update post on their thoughts, update content, and customize profiles. Those are some just to name a few.
Web 2.0 affects individual’s lives in many ways. It has many positive and negative effects. Web 2.0 allows people to stay connected internationally with ease. It has also changed the word’s communication method with one another whether it’s business or personal. However, it can become a distraction from the physical world. Users of new media can easily be overloaded with too much information. The information is always ready and available causing individuals to spend a great amount of time reading and absorbing new material. It is also important to protect yourself from the scams, negative images, and etc. that come with these social networks.
I have chosen four people to interview and observe closely. I want a closer look at their interaction with new media. I feel as if my results could vary depending on your age bracket. I also believe people use it for different reasons. I have asked them all the same interview questions to make sure there is a constant variable. All four individuals have been watched for a week for up to three hours.
The first person that I interviewed was my youngest sister, Jaleea. She is thirteen years old. She was very interesting to interview and observe. She is an active user of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. After completing her homework, Jaleea logged onto Facebook. About fourty mintues was spent checking her notifications, posting statuses, and liking other individuals statuses and pictures. Instead of getting off of the computer, she moved onto the next site Twitter and then Instagram. She reapeated the same cycle everyday. Jaleea says these networks help her keep up with her friends. She checks it everyday after finishing her homework. She is not allowed to get on before that. In our interview, it stood out to me that her mother has the password to all of the sites she actively participates in. I asked her why. Her response was to make sure she is only posting appropiate material onto the web. Jaleea also stated that she has more confidence over these networks. Her reasoning behind this was because people can't see her. Their facial expressions make her nervous, and she prefers not to see them. It is like a physical wall blocking others from entering. She also said she feels like she has plenty of time to think about her responses to other people's statements. Another thing that stuck out in our interview was the number of conflicts she has had by being a user of these social networks. They start...

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