Does An Essentially "Black" Nation Have The Ability To Successfully Obtain And Maintain Independence?

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Is an essentially "black" nation, a disaster waiting to happen? I definitely do not agree with that claim, though historians and anthropologists have implied it for centuries. It has been proven that people of the African / Black race are very much capable of governing themselves.In the above paragraph, I mentioned that many anthropologists and historians have disagreed with the premise of a successfully, self-governed black nation. Two of these individuals are anthropologists known as Dallas and Fraud. The former made a comment that has been critiqued and viewed critically in a number of sociological texts, such as the British sociology text most people know as "Haralambos and Holborn." This comment is literally based upon racism and strong bias."The notion of a free active Negro Republic does not seem to have a reasonable foundation."Modern sociologists and psychologists have viewed this statement with mixed emotions such as amusement, outrage and sometimes bewilderment. However, one cannot blame this individual because he lived in a time when there was segregation and other forms of racial unrest.The other anthropologist, Fraud, also made a comment that now seems contradictory to the developing nations of today's world. His was even more outwardly racist and one cannot help but be shocked by his implications."Even if the colonizers were to give them independence, in a few generations, they would peel off such civilization as they have learned as easily and as willingly as their coats and trousers.To many individuals of either mixed or black ancestry, this statement is nothing short of an insult. Therefore, I appeal to you and ask you; are people of non - white ancestry, ignorant and unaware to the terms "freedom" and "liberation" ? If you say "no" then I shall pose to you the example of a revolt that took place during the days of slavery.Do you...

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