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As we watch sports and enjoy the rivalry against the other team we are playing, our emotions sometimes get the best of us and from that anger shows, we turn into monsters and violence is In-turn the outcome. Why do we show this side when we should be having fun with the competition we are in against the rival teams? We see the toll of destruction and deaths that violence causes but we still have to show anger when the opposing team wins and what gets me more is the violence when our teams win national titles and championships. This is not to Say we should not have fun or be serious about sports, but we should realize it is a sport. Does anger need to happen in sports? Sports and recreation have always been a source of enjoyment and pride for the viewer and for national pride.
Let’s take the ancient Romans first for example, after conquering rival army’s they would put the captured soldiers in the ring for entertainment just to enter them in competitions against each other. The ancient Olympics in Greece would put all the city states against each other so that they could prove who has the best in the sport for their city state. If we fast forward to the early 1980’s America was stuck in the cold war and America needed a shot in the arm, America needed Heroes, for a few days anyway America found it on the ice in Lake Placid New York as team USA , beat the Russians to get to the finals eventually beating Finland to take the gold medal. In America we hold contests for fun and to see what we can accomplish, but it is when people step over that line of recreation when things get out of hand an result in violence, arguments, and even prejudice behavior all because someone does not particularly care for a team. Let’s take a look at classic examples of people that have put too much physiological energy into something that can make us feel so good but yet cause for pain in others.
Violence in time
The earliest recording of sports spectator violence happened in 532 at a chariot race in Constantinople which resulted in 30,000 deaths in the Nakia riots. (Halsall, 1996) To get an idea on how big of a number that is, the new Amway Center in Orlando Florida holds 20,000 fans for basketball. The riots occurred after the angry mob came to watch the annual race at the Hippodrome which was the location for the race and consequently adjacent to the palace of the emperor Justinian. The spectators were already upset with the manor the government was working and after race 22, the riots started as rioters ravaged the palace breaking things and starting fires which destroyed most of the city. (Halsall, 1996) All from a chariot race and a bad vibe from the government! Some people have argued that the chariot race was something that added to the unrest of the issues of the day and the chariot race had a small effect on the big riots. In more modern times, violence in sports has been an issue since the 1960’s one such incident...

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