Does C4 Extreme Pre Workout W/ No3 Increase Strength During A Workout?

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Does C4 Extreme Pre-Workout w/ NO3 increase strength during a workout? The C4 Extreme Pre-Workout w/ NO3 will indeed increase strength during a workout. “You will have more energy. You will have help getting that extra rep, completing the last set—promoting strength, endurance, and physique personal bests” (
The materials you will need to properly formulate this experiment are as follows: 1 container of C4 Extreme Pre-Workout w/ NO3, (although you will only need 12 scoops which is equal to 6 servings labeled on the pre-workout container) 3 shaker cups that have oz labels, (labeled oz must have at least 12oz marked on cup) 3 test subjects that are willing to perform the ...view middle of the document...

Heavy foods are not to be consumed less than an hour before the test runs commence. Also, no other forms of energy supplements are to be taken prior to the start of the test runs. The dependent variable is strength. The independent variable is the compare/contrast between exercises performed with pre-workout versus no pre-workout.
This experiment will consist of two different exercises. The first exercise is the pushup. The pushup will be performed utilizing the standard form. This is with the hands on the floor positioned slightly wider than the shoulders. Feet can be as wide as the subject feels comfortable. Keeping the body straight and tightening the core, lower the elbows so that the chest of the subject hits the fist of one of the helpers. The helper person should make a fist with his hand, place it on the floor directly below the subject’s chest and count every rep that is done correctly. Once the subject is done performing the exercise, the amount of reps correctly done should be recorded in a data table. The second exercise is the chin up. In order for them to be performed correctly, this chin up variation will include the fullest possible range with straight arms overhead which is basically the elbows directly above the shoulders on the way down. The subject must be able to lift their chin above the bar for the rep to be counted. Once the subject is done performing the exercise, the amount of reps correctly done should be recorded in a data table. The next time the subjects perform these exercises, they will have pre-workout in their system. These exercises are to be performed the exact same way with or without the pre workout. The controls previously mentioned should be taken into account, especially when the pre-workout is instilled into...

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