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Does China's Content Filtering Breach Human Rights?

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A general assumption in the 21st century in the more civilized areas of the world, is that a person has the right to their own opinion and views and to voice them publicly as long as it is peaceful. In China, if your opinion is anything other than how brilliant and well governed the nation is and you choose to voice that opinion then you face many actions by the government to ensure "justice" is done by China. The punishments may include but are not limited too: public humiliation, imprisonment, capital punishment or if your opinion is causing any grievance to the government then on the spot execution is of course another just option.
This is how content filtering works. Their is two stages of filtering, the filtering done by the website to ensure it stays on China's good side and the checking China does to ensure the content is "appropriate" and doesn't give away any "state secrets". This is known as the Great Firewall of China, Fitting isn't it? Over one thousand four hundred businesses partake in this ridiculous procedure just to be allowed to trade inside China. In this day and age, information is free, unlimited and easily accessible to most countries. This is seen as freedom of information - Which of course is selective to the country, but China's media filtering is even worse. Filtering: Theater, Poetry, Music, Film, Television and any other literature that could change the opinion of the people is censored. Everything that gets to China is violently and unforgivably filtered. This stops people from viewing accurate information which would allow them to make informed decisions on things that affect their lives greatly. Battlefield 4 is a recent video game developed by Dice and EA, two companies known to reside in America mostly. Now understandably knowing China's rocky history with America they weren't pleased to be portrayed as the bad guys in this game, but is banning the game the way to go? Does it give the people of China something to be concerned about? I think so.
With a population of over one billion people in China, you can see a small part of the control they try to enforce. If the population had active access to the...

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