Does Crossed Hand Eye Dominance Affect Basketball Shooting?

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Hand eye coordination is used every day in just about everything. Athletes need good hand eye coordination if you just want to be a decent player. When shooting a basketball you need to be able to know how to shoot a basketball and you need to be sure you know your dominate hand and dominate eye to see the best results.
The way people shoot a free throw has been done pretty much the same way for years. People walk up to the line and right handers put their right foot in the middle of the line, while lined up with the hoop. Where left handed shooters put their left foot on the line, while being lined up to the middle of the hoop. The shooter then focuses on the rim and backboard, then takes ...view middle of the document...

Now when you close an eye, you will lose all of your depth perception of the ball.
Next, depth perception is very important when shooting a free throw. Your depth perception helps you see and analyze how far an object is from something and if it is more to the right or to the left. When lining up for a free throw, your eyes help tell you how far away it feels from the basket. If you lost that depth perception, you would think you are a lot farther or a lot closer to the basket than what you actually are. People with bad depth perception are limited and cannot do a lot of the things people with normal depth perception.
Everyone has a dominate hand and a dominate eye. The way to test which eye is the dominate eye is by using your hand. Putting it in a diamond shape and pulling it closer to your face, in this diamond shape you close your left eye, if you can see through your right eye you are left eye dominate. If you close your right eye and you can see through your left eye then you are left eye dominate. Being right eye dominate is not better than being left eye dominate. It all depends on the person and what they prefer.

Although many things can help you shoot, balance is important when shooting. If you are off balance you will have a lot harder time trying to make the shot. With both eyes open you should have pretty good balance and good sight of the backboard and rim. If you were to close one of the eyes you will probably be off balance. And I don’t mean off balance as in swaying side to side or falling and stumbling, I mean as in your head you will think that the basket is in another place than where it actually is, or it may feel like its swaying or moving. If this happens, you will probably miss the shot. You will be shooting at a “moving” or “swaying” target and it will be a lot harder.
Muscle memory will also play a role in shooting a free throw. Muscle memory is exactly as it sounds. It’s where you do a motion so much that your brain just automatically just tells your muscles and your body what to do. If you have good muscle memory when shooting a free throw, you will more than likely be able to make more free throws. Even if you have one eye closed...

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