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Does Dehydration Reduce The Nutrient Value In Quality Of The Food?

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According to nutritional sciences department at the University of Missouri Extension, there is an adverse effect on nutritional value of dehydrated foods. In the article, “Food Preservation Drying Foods,” the extension advocates for a reconsideration of the constant support for dehydration, it explains that drying is one of the oldest methods of food preservation. Techniques have been passed from one generation to another based on what worked and what didn’t. Methods used for drying food have become sophisticated over time. Today the variety of dried foods in the market place has created a multimillion dollar industry. The nutritional value of food is affected by the dehydration process ...view middle of the document...

Preservation was increased in the sixteenth century ( Nummer 2) . Preservation helps food from rotting so fast (Effects of heat Processing on Nutrient 3). Heat processing is a most important method (Effects of Heat Processing on Nutrient 2). Bacteria, yeast, and molds need water to help them grow (University of Missouri1).When people package dried foods make sure the container is tightly sealed, and stored in a cool and dried place (Kendall 1). When vegetables are ripe that is the best time to dry them ( P. Kendall p 2). In 1919, green beans, cabbage, and carrots all can be dehydrated (Introduction to dehydration of food 2). Dehydration is the oldest method for keeping food fresh. In dried food there is about 5 to 25 percent of water in the food (kendall 2).
Vegetables and meat are not recommended to be out in the sun (Preserving Foods 1). When dehydrating you may use bruised fruit, but the part that is bruised needs to be cut out the fruit (Drying fruits and Vegetables 1). Do not use molded foods when dehydrating (Drying Fruits and Vegetables1). Slice the food to help it dehydrate better (Drying Fruits and Vegetables 1). If the food is dry you cool a piece of the food to room temperature and then you squeeze the food in your hand to check to see if there is no moisture, if there is no moisture that means the food is dried enough (Drying Fruits and Vegetables 2). When dehydrating meat make sure you cut off the fat or else the meat will prevent rancid (Dehydrating Meat Sources for your Food Pantry 1). Most people dehydrate meat when it is not cooked (Dehydrating Meat sources for your Food Pantry 1). Dried fruit has less water than fresh fruit. Fruits and Vegetables were dried in ancient times (Nummer 1). When drying the fruit in the sun the best time to do it is when the sun is really hot and it is breezy outside.The best meat to use is choice cut, tender meat, so the meat will not be chewy or tough (Dehydrating Meat, Chicken, Beef, and Turkey 1). Less fat you have on the meat the better it will be (Dehydrating Meat, Chicken, Beef, and Turkey1). When done dehydrating meat put the meat in a refrigerator or in a freezer until the product is used to cook ( Dehydrating Meat Chicken, Beef, and Turkey 2) . Dehydrated meats are good to use in soup, or stew (Dehydrating Meat, Chicken, Beef, and Turkey 2). When dehydrating meat make sure the pieces are smaller to dehydrate. Store the meat pieces in an airtight container in the fridge for about 1 month (Dehydrating Meat Sources for Your Food Pantry 2). Some meat can be dehydrated by smoke, cured by salt, or by freeze drying Dehydrating Meat, Chicken, Beef, and Turkey 1). In the late 1800s, Clarence Birdseye created that if you freeze the food quickly at a low temperature the food will have a better taste to it (Nummer 1). Mechanical refrigeration was invented...

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