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Does Esp Exist? Essay

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There seems to be a wide interest into whether or not that extrasensory perception or ESP exists or not. But what exactly is ESP? Let’s first answer that question. ESP is a sensory process that is separated from the senses of sight, sound, taste, hearing and touch (Carroll, Robert T., 1994-2010). It delves into the realms of clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition, and clairaudience (Carroll, Robert T., 1994-2010). What does this exactly mean? Well let’s first look at these individually and then move to the both sides of the debate. On one side of the debate there are those who claim that ESP does not exist, and on the other side there are those who claim ESP exists. Both sides also claim to have evidence. I believe that ESP may exist. I have read research on both sides of this debate and have come to the conclusion that there are things that happen in the world that we cannot fully explain. You have to ask this question, just because I can’t explain it does that mean it does not exist?

One part of ESP is telepathy. Telepathy is basically mind reading, or a direct connection between two minds in, and also direct communication between two minds (Carroll, Robert T. 1994-2010). This basically means if you have the ability to use telepathy you can look into someone’s mind and know what they are thinking and possibly be able to transmit your thoughts into their minds. You also have clairvoyance which is also called remote viewing and is the ability to see things beyond the ability of natural vision (Carroll, Robert T., 1994-2010). So, with this ability one would be able too not only predict the future but also be able to tell one what has happened in the past in vivid detail. This ability is also known as a psychic ability and one with this ability has the power to see events in the future and can also see events that happened in the past (Carroll, Robert T., 1994-2010). Next you have precognition which is the ability to see an event prior to its occurrence without the inducement of artificial means (Carroll, Robert T. 1994-2010) In other words, if one had this ability they would know about an event that is going to take place prior to the event occurring. Finally there is clairaudience; this is the ability to hear sounds, such as voices, beyond natural hearing (Carroll, Robert T., 1994-2010). This is believed to be a psychic ability as well and it is said that ones with this ability can hear messages from the dead (Carroll, Robert T., 1994-2010). There may also be other abilities that I have not found thus far in my research. These are at least the basics. They are all supernatural abilities. Do we all have the capability to use these or just certain people? Is there evidence for each side? Let’s take a look.

There are those who believe that there is evidence to support ESP. One such expert is psychologist Daryl Bem from Cornell University. He recently published...

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