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Does Frazier Present Stobrod Changing As A Person?

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The use of music in this novel illustrates the development in character for Stobrod, father of Ruby. In the novel Stobrod does not appear in a good light to the audience, from Ruby's description and from the first time we meet him, when he is caught in the trap that Ruby and Ada set for thieves. He was described by Ruby to be drunk and disreputable throughout her time with him. However as we get a bigger in depth look at the character of Stobrod, it is easy to see how music has shaped his ideas, way of life and manner. Ruby and Ada free Stobrod from the trap and make him food, for his travels, Stobrod thanks them and gets on his way, he then reappears later in the afternoon with his fiddle. The fiddle he produces, Stobrod claims is made by himself, he explains how he hunted a rattlesnake and put its rattle into the body of the fiddle. The reason behind doing this is so that his music would have the "dire keen of snake warning." This already shows the significance that music holds for Stobrod as he strives to create this distinct sound for his fiddle. He tells Ada and Ruby of the story where he was requested to play his fiddle, by a man for his fifteen year old daughter. The girl he was asked to play for was dying she had undergone an accident in the kitchen and had been 'charred to the bone' by an exploding circle of cast iron. He was brought an hour away from his camp to the girl's bedside, where she requested him to play her a tune. Stobrod played through his entire repertoire of six songs, however each song were all dance figures, "Stobrod knew them to be in poor keeping with the occasion…" After he had played the girl asked him to play her another, to which Stobrod replied that he did not know any others. The girl then asked him to make one up, "Stobrod marveled at such a strange request. It had never entered his mind to give composition a try." As he sat their thinking, he began to 'pluck the strings'. He set the fiddle up and "was himself surprised by the sounds that issued. The melody was slow and halting, and it found it's mood mainly through drones and double stops." Stobrod said that when the mother of the girl heard it that she burst into tears, the girl after listening to the song told Stobrod the tune was fine. He had never played such an evoking piece. This piece changed his whole outlook on music. The fact that the music evoked such emotion as to bring her mother to tears introduced to...

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