Does Globalisation Mean The Ned Of The State?

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1. Introduction
Globalisation, the process of integration and interconnectedness at and across all levels, especially through the economy, has resulted in the transformation of the traditional state. Power is shifting away from the state towards global markets and transnational corporations. However, this does not mean the complete end of the traditional state and its sovereignty. In order to compete in the globalised world, states have transformed themselves from traditional nation states and welfare states, to somewhat competitive state. These competitive states are mainly economically driven, yet the state is still the main actor. The state has transformed itself in order to survive through economic collaboration and pooled sovereignty. The process of globalisation does not mean the end of the state; it is merely resulting in the transformation and continued relevance of the state.
2. Definition of Key Terms
2.1. Globalisation
Globalisation is defined as the process of integration of economic, social and cultural relations across borders, thus connecting previously unconnected societies. Globalisation occurs through culture, economy and politics (Göksel, 2005:
2.2. Internationalisation
Internationalisation is the development of formal and informal mechanisms of cooperation and integration among states, through treaties and formal institutions among state actors (Internalising P6)
2.3. State
According to Haywood (2007: 91), a state can defined as a political association that establishes sovereign jurisdiction within a defined territorial boarders and exercises authority through a set of permanent institutions that are responsible for the collective organization of communal life and are funded through taxation.
2.4. Sovereignty
Sovereignty is defined as the ability of a state to make and implement laws within its territory. Sovereignty allows the state to function without any external power and assistance from any higher authority above itself (Gbo1 4)
2.5. Transnational Corporations
Transnational corporations (TNCs) are companies that regulate the economic activity in two or more states (Haywood: 99)
3. Understanding Globalisation
Globalisation is the complex of processes that result in an increase in the interconnection of state through economy, politics and culture. Globalisation and increased state interconnectedness have been present since the late 1940s until today. Globalisation through the ages is seen through the Long Boom, the world wide recessions, neoliberal revival and neoliberal hegemony (Cerny, Menz and Soederberg, 2005: 7/8).
3.1. Economic Globalisation
Economic globalisation can be defined as the process through which national economies, to a larger or lesser extent, have been immersed into a global economy (Haywood 2011: 10). According to Göksel, economic globalisation involves production, distribution, management; trade and finance. The fundamental...


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