Does God Exist!..Atheists Dont Believe In God. This Is A Proof That God Does Exist! My Personal Document Does God Exist!

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Does God exist?
1) Yes
2) No
3) Probably
This is very fundamental and very important question. If you are a religious person, and your belief on God is weak , you probably are not a good believer. Because of this weak faith on God you probably will not follow any God’s scripture from your heart. I personally believe in God almighty.
The purpose of this PDF file is that, I am going to give you some evidence that YES indeed God exist!
I will talk about human body and its functions. Human body is a miracle. How would you know it is a miracle? Don’t worry I will tell you why human body is a miracle from God. Please read this PDF complete from first to last page so that you understand my point well. And at the end I will also refute the idea that human being is a product of chance. PRODUCT OF CHANCE means that we were just formed by BLIND NATURE and there was no mind behind the creation of Human.
We live in an amazing world. The greatest of all creations is man himself, the marvellous machine—precise and efficient. The human body has a dynamic framework of bone and cartilage called the skeleton. The human skeleton is flexible, with hinges and joints that were made to move. But to cut down harmful frictions, such moving parts must be lubricated.
Man-made machines are lubricated only by outside sources. But the body lubricates itself by manufacturing a jelly-like substance in the right amount at every place it is needed. Yes, the body is a wonder machine
Human body have very sensitive organs like your skin is a very sensitive organ, your eyes are very sensitive, your heart is very sensitive etc. So your whole body is well protected from every side. Your bones are protecting your heart, your eyelids are protecting your eyes. Here I am going to explain you the complete mechanism of a human body, and the wisdom and purpose behind every organ in your body. By Grace of God after reading this file you would understand that our body was not randomly formed. Indeed our body is a great miracle.
Here is the list of things that I am going to explain. And the wisdom behind these things.
1) Pain receptors
2) Sense of hearing
3) Sense of Smell
4) Eyes
5) Bones
6) Skin
7) Wisdom behind Love and Mercy
8) Weight Balance
9) Length
10) Width
11) Thermoreceptors
12) Synovial Fluid
13) Articular Cartilage
14) Blood
15) Fibrin
16) Oxygen
17) Inner ear
18) Hardness in bones
19) Endorphin
20) Closed eyes during sleep
21) Eyelashes
22) Water as a natural lubricant
23) Rotator cuff
24) Keratinocyte cells
25) Bursae function
26) Meniscus function
27) Ligaments
28) Lacrimal (tear) glands
29) Orbit protection for eyes
30) Tendons
These are 30 things that I am going to discuss, there is a great knowledge and wisdom behind all these things. I am going to explain.
1) Pain receptors
Why pain receptors exist in our body? What purpose they have in our body? What is a wisdom behind these...

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