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Does God Exist? Debate Dr. William Lane Craig And Dr. Austin Dacey

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The existence of God is quite controversial issue. God has different names in the world, and a lot of people, strongly believe in his existence. While, on the other hand, there are also people who don’t believe in his existence. In their discussion entitled “Does God Exist?” William Lane Craig, who is the supporter of the idea of existence of God, debates with Austin Dacey, who is an atheist, on the idea of existence of God. They provide the strong arguments and their debates are quite interesting, and innovative (not similar to those arguments, we usually read about in book). These are the fresh views on the question of existence and non-existence of God.
Dr. William Lane Craig supports the idea of existence of God. He gives six major arguments, in order to defend his position. The first argument is quite fare, Craig says that God is the best reason of existence of everything. He gives the idea, that the debates between all the people, cannot reach the compromise, because the best explanation of the reasons of existence of everything is God, and nothing can be explained without taking Him into consideration. The second argument of Craig is from a cosmological point of view: he says that the existence of the universe is the best proof of the existence of God. Because, the process of the creation of the universe is so ideally harmonious, that it seems impossible to appear accidentally. The third argument is about the fine tuning of the universe. The universe is designed in such a way that people always have aim of life, and the life of people and the nature are interconnected. The fourth argument of Dr. Craig is about the morality: God is the best explanation of the existence of the morality and moral values in people’s lives. The fifth argument is about the facts that Jesus Christ was making miracles. All the facts of miracles, described in the Bible are historically proved. And the last, but not the list, of his arguments is about the existence of religion itself. Without any arguments we can see, that religion existed since the earliest times, thus people knew about the existence of God, long time before they started to think about the other options.
On the other hand, Dr. Austin Dacey gives his arguments to support the idea that God doesn’t exist. He tells about the concept according to which the existence of God is impossible. Dacey points out that people should focus on the knowledge about humanity, and they will...

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