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Does God Exist? ; Philosophical Positions On God’s Existence

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Who am I? What am I? Where did the world come from? These questions about existence just keep lingering in the mind of an intellect, a thinker who has the courage to demand for an answer that would satisfy his wonder. But how is it to exist? Who then give the gift of existence? As man has started to question, he has just given a proof as a statement of ignorance. That man has the capacity to inquiry.
This paper will try to discuss the three Philosophical Positions on the Existence of God namely, the Theism, Agnosticism, and Atheism. Why do they believe? Why don’t they believe? How do they believe? What made them believe? Who helped them believe? These are just some of the ...view middle of the document...

First – the unmoved mover. It is the argument from the motion. It states that whatever is in motion is put in motion by another. When potential motion becomes actual motion; that is the only time a thing moves. It also states that actuality cannot be potentiality in the same respect; therefore, something must have moved by something. But the sequence of motion is finite; there should be a first mover. A first mover puts motion by no other but puts motion to others which Theistic understands as God. Second – the uncaused cause. It is the argument from efficient cause. In the world of senses, there is an order of the efficient cause. Everything that exists comes from something; therefore, nothing is the efficient cause of itself. There would be no result if the efficient cause of something does not exist. By taking away the cause means taking away its effect. And just like the first way, it is finite and cannot go on to infinity. There would be no ultimate or intermediate cause if there would be no first cause among efficient causes. Therefore, it is acceptable to believe that there is a first efficient cause which Theistic understands as God. Third – the contingency and necessity. It is the argument from possibility and necessity. In nature things, there are possible to be and not to be; to be generated and to corrupt. All things can exist from something that already exists and it would be impossible that something may exist from something that does not exist. If nothing exist, it will be impossible for anything to begin existing. But these are not possible to always exist. Therefore, not everything or not all beings are possible to exist. But everything that is necessary either has a necessity caused by another or not. It is also impossible to go on to infinity, only God has its own necessity and not receiving it from another; therefore, only He can cause others their necessity. Fourth – the highest degree of perfection. It is the argument from gradation of being. Some of the beings are more and some of them are less good, true, noble and the likes. The gradation that is found in things is some are better than others or worse than others. But some things are the maximum, just like some things are the hottest or coldest among other things. Therefore, there is something which is truest, something best among other things, something noblest, and something which is uttermost being. Only God can cause their being, goodness and every other kinds if perfection. Therefore, He is the highest degree of perfection. Fifth – the intelligent designer. It is the argument from design. Every natural body act for an end or towards their goal. Just like an arrow when it reaches its goal, it is directed by an archer. Everything that is directed towards an end by a being that has knowledge and intelligence can reach its end, and this being that has knowledge and intelligence is what Theistic call God. St. Thomas once said, "To one who has faith, no explanation is...

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