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Does God Really Exist? Essay

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The existence of God or rather an intelligent being with define abilities has been a contentious issue of discussion since time immemorial. There are as many people advocating for divinity in the creation of the universe as there are people doubting the existence of this Supreme Being with unique and really frightening capabilities who designed and created the universe. Among the chief advocates of the thought of the existence of God and perfect order in the creation of the universe is William Paley. William Paley brings forth among the best arguments ever brought forward advocating for the existence of God and the nature in which the universe is bordered as sufficient evidence of the existence of this divine being responsible for the materialization of the universe and its exact design. William Paley begins his argument by talking about a scenario, which involves him walking along a path. “During his walk he hits his leg on a rock but pays very little attention to the rock” (Paley, 2000, p.12). This is because at the back if his mind he knows that the rock has been there for a very long time verging on forever. William Paley creates an alternate scenario with him walking down the same path. In this alternate scenario he just so happens to hit his leg on a watch. The reaction to the watch is very different from the reaction to the rock. William Paley says that this disparity to the watch in comparison to the rock is caused by purpose. Thus William Paley introduces the concept of telos. Telos means purpose. It is a term that refers to the exact purpose of a given object in the universe and exactly how this purpose relates to the object as well as the level of perfection and prowess to which this object in question fulfills this purpose.
William Paley expands his argument in relation to the watch and the rock. The immediate reaction of any rational person to the watch is that the watch was created for a special purpose. “The watch did not come to be exactly where it is at the time as a result of chance or random coincidences that suddenly saw the materialization of a watch. To any rational person the watch alludes right back to a watch maker” (Paley, 2000, p.22). This is because the complexities that occur within a watch could not occur to that level of extreme perfection as a result of random processes and random forces interacting with each other without any ordering whatsoever. Thus the existence of the watch is sufficient evidence of the existence of the watchmaker who carefully designed the watch and made it exactly the way it is. Because the watch exists there must also be a watchmaker who made the watch. The telos of the watch is also very important. This is because the watch has but one primary purpose and that is to tell the time. The fact that the watch tells the time is very far from a random coincidence. The creator of the watch created it with a special purpose and that is that it should tell the time to the...

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