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Does Gun Control Lower Crime Rates?

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Gun control is a very hotly debated subject in America. Whether it be a tragic
school shooting, or gang violence in large cities there is always mixed emotions. A main
focus when it comes to gun control is determining in what ways will guns be limited.
There are many different forms of gun control, some more strict than others. Another
topic when it comes to gun control is where criminals get their guns. Would making new
laws really make it harder for criminals to get their weapons or are they already coming
from illegal sources? Deciding whether gun control is helpful or harmful will involve
looking at places in the world with strict gun control, and places with little gun control.
Firearms have been a part of America's history from the beginning. Recently, guns have
become a problem in the United States. Is gun control helpful or harmful in decreasing
the crime rate in the United States. To answer this question, the following is to be
explained: What types of gun control are there, Where do criminals get their weapons,
How many gun related deaths or injuries are there in places with strict gun control, How
many gun related deaths or injuries are there in places with loose gun control.
There are many different types of gun control that must be looked at to determine
whether gun control is helpful or harmful. Firearms are broken down into three classes,
handguns, shotguns, and rifles. A popular form of gun control is a quick background
check. If a person has an offense that prohibits them from buying a firearm the store will
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be notified and the customer will not be able to purchase the gun. The problem with
background checks is that they can be very easy to break as shown, "Using fake
driver's licenses bearing fictitious names, investigators with the Government
Accountability Office had a 100% success rate buying firearms in five states that met
the minimum requirements of the federal background check system" ("Just Facts").
Another often targeted area is gun shows. Gun shows are typically targeted because
the distributors are not required to ask or check if the customer can legally buy a
A third highly targeted topic in gun control is the Right to Carry laws. There are
three forms of this law, shall issue, may issue, and no issue. Shall issue is the most
lenient of the three laws. Shall issue states issue the permit to all qualified applicants.
Forty of the fifty states use shall issue as their Right to Carry law. The second, may
issue, is a slightly harder form of the law. In this form, all applicants must state a reason
on the application for desiring a Right to Carry Permit. The final form of the law, the no
issue, simply means no permits will be issued in the state. The only state to use the no
issue law is Illinois ("Just Facts"). The Right to Carry laws can be broken down into two
more categories, concealed carry, and non concealed carry. In concealed carry, the gun
must be concealed under clothing so others can not see...

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