Does Happiness Grant Long Life? Essay

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Will we really live longer when we are happy?Research suggests that when we are happy,we tend to live longer and have a better immune system.Health is not merely just physical aspects.Other than physical health,there are different constituents such as spiritual health,social health,mental health,emotional health and environmental health.Happiness also exists in different aspects according to the person.For example,one may feel happy when they got the latest gadget while one may feel happy when they spend time with their love ones.I do agree that there is a connection between health and happiness but it is not a cure to our longevity.In this essay I will discuss the real connection between health and happiness.
Firstly,why people who are happy live longer than people who are unhappy? When one is happy,we tend to think postive and have a strong mindset which ables us to overcome difficulties and setbacks.When one is unhappy,we tend to think negatively which may leads to stress. Stress may effect different forms of our body.It effects us physically such as headaches and high blood pressure.Emotional complication can also be resulted from stress such as depression and anxiety.Research shows that stress can also cause or even worsen illnesses.When we are stressed,people tend to engage in alcohol,drugs or tabacco to relieve their stress.This usually leads to deterioration of health.
Secondly,how does happiness affects our health? When we are unhappy,it affects our health in different ways such as emotionally and physically.According to Complete Health, emotional health is crucial to us as it completes us.When we do not have emotional health,we tend to overthink and this leads to depression which may cause insominia,drug abuse or even self mutilation. It affects our physical health which may cause us to have lack of sleep.When we are lack of sleep,we tend to feel frustrated...

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