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Does Homosexuality Harm The Institution Of Marriage?

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Does homosexuality harm the institution of marriage? YES! The institution of marriage is unique. It is the one institution that binds women and men together to form a family, and this serves broad societal purposes.
“Homosexual activists argue that same-sex marriage is a civil rights issue similar to the struggle for racial equality in the 1960s.” (Richie, 2014) This is false. First of all, sexual behavior and race are virtually different realities. A man and a woman wanting to marry may by different in their characteristic: one may be black, the other white; one rich, the other poor; or one tall, the other short. None of these differences are impassable barrier to marriage. The two individuals are still man and woman, and thus the requirements of nature are respected. Same-sex marriage opposes nature. Two individuals of the same sex, no matter what their race, wealth, stature, knowledge or fame, will never be able to marry because of an impassable biological impossibility. (Ritchie, 2014)
The reason why the homosexuality harm the institution of marriage is it is not marriage. What marriage is? Marriage is a union of a man and woman that is oriented toward the good of the mate and the reproduction and education of offspring. Since before recorded history, men and women have united to care for each other and to bring up children. That happens in every culture, no matter where in the world. Marriage is a privilege, not a right. Society can choose to endorse certain types of sexual arrangements and give support in the form of benefits to these arrangement. Marriage was created to allow society to support heterosexual couples in procreation and society can choose not to give the same benefits to same-sex couples. If “marriage” is redefined to include same-sex couples, it will of course not cancel civil marriage as an institution, or prevent opposite-sex couples from marrying and having children. However, it will effectively reverse the social message about the marriage.
Besides, it always denies a child either a mother or a father. It is in the child’s best interests that he be raised under the influence of his natural father and mother. This rule is confirmed by the evident difficulties faced by the many children who are orphans or are raised by a single parent, a relative, or a foster parent. The unfortunate situation of these children will be the module for all children of a same-sex marriage. A child of a same-sex marriage will always be denude of either a mother or a father role model. Same-sex marriage ignores a child’s best interests. (Ritchie, 2014)
In addition, it does not create a family but a naturally sterile union. To prevent the birth of children by using contraception, traditional marriage is usually so fecund that those who would obstruct its end must do force to nature. On the contrary, same-sex marriage is unable to bear children. If the spouses want a child, they must avoid nature by costly and artificial means or employ...

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