Does It Matter If What We Believe Is True?

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Does it matter if what we believe is true?

I think it totally depends on what we actually believe. There are some questions like whether `1+1' is equals to `2' or whether `the Piano Concerto No. 21' is a work of Mozart may stir up a hotly debate. Some of them are issues where our belief is unlikely to have any practical effect upon our lives, what we believe about them is not really a matter of great consequence. Thus I can say it does not really matter if what we believe is true or not.

The idea behind statements such as these is that there is no absolute truth to believe in, and thus the act of believing is all there is. We all believe in something, as Edgar Sheffield Brightman states, "A thinker cannot divest himself of real convictions, and it is futile to pose as having none."[1]

A belief will not create fact, as truth is always independent of belief. No matter how hard one may try, believing in something will not make it true. On the contrary, what we believe may not be true. To make it simple, it doesn't really matter if we believe it is true or not as no matter we believe it or not, it may not be true. For example, I believe that by casting this spell, the person I hate will die in an accident tragically but it may not be true. The spell may be effective or may not be but one thing, which is certain, is that the belief of you won't change the fact. Belief is like something that we put our trust on but this doesn't imply the belief is true or not.

Then what should we believe in then? Should we stick to what are we believe in or should we find out the absolute truth behind? Some things will always be true and other things will always be false. Our beliefs...

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