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Does It Matter, Why And Why Not?

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IT does not matter, is he right, why or why not?
Nicholas G Carr makes his argument comparing the developments of the Industrial Revolution such as the rail road, electricity, and the telegraph with the fairly new experiences in Information Technology like the Internet, personal computers, and investments in infrastructure technology using terms from Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, Marketing, and Strategic Management such as spending power, competitive advantage, supply and demand, economies of scale, barriers to competition, oligopolies, differentiations, and others. It cannot be argued that he is an expert in those fields at least in theory, which is inferred from the reading of his biography in Wikipedia. According to the online encyclopedia, he is an accomplished writer, professional speaker, and researcher who won much recognition like the Pulitzer Prize for nonfiction; therefore, it is challenging to argue his article from those perspectives. After reading his article three times, it became clear that he is right in most of his comments. In fact there are only a couple of instances in which he contradicts his own ideas. But the agreed statements outnumber them by a large margin; probably 25 to 2; then, after noticing the outnumbering of pros against cons, the purpose of this response became clear: yes he is right, “ IT does not matter.” In order to support that he is right, some statements from his article, in which there is agreement, will be backed up by research and opinion from different sources in the Internet. Before demonstrating agreement with his statements, there are three caveats to keep in mind: There are a few fallacies that contradict some of his statements like the fallacy of authority, argument by selective observation, and ambiguous assertion published by Penn Gillette in “A List of Fallacious Arguments” in the website: They are mentioned for the reader to know that at one point or another there can be disagreement and that Carr can be debated. The second caveat is that not everybody agrees or disagrees with him. There are several websites blogs that do not agree while others do. John Stuckey, the Director of University Computing at Washington and Lee University, Lexington, agrees with Carr’s comments, while VA Hal R., professor of business, economics, and information management at the University of California, Berkeley says, “In my view, companies cannot afford to ignore information technology, or relegate it to the back burner. Commoditizing it does not necessarily mean innovation slows. If anything, it could accelerate as more and more innovators experiment and tinker with those cheap, ubiquitous information technology commodities”; obviously he does not agree with Carr. The point is that there are many blogs with comments in the Internet that side with Carr and others that do not and the two authors mentioned above are for illustration purposes...

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