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Does Justice Always Prevail Essay

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Everybody has their own opinion of what is just, but what does that really mean? The dictionary definition of justice is fairness. Something can be unfair to one person, but fair to a society. This is what exactly was thought at the time of the McCarthy trials. The same thing happened in the play The Crucible, where there was no true evidence to determine what was fair. In my life there were times where the outcome was not just. Does justice always prevail? This means, does fairness always happen?
There are many situations in anyone's life that justice does not prevail. My brother once had to watch the dog. My parents wanted me to supervise him, but I was busy. My brother then decides ...view middle of the document...

A basic theme in Arthur Miller's 'The Crucible' is does justice always prevail?
Many people in 'The Crucible' by Arthur Miller had their own opinions of what was right. Abigail decided that the only way to get out of dying was to confess and accuse others. This caused for many injustices to happen. She, with some help, inflicted on many people that they would be suspected of being witches. She manipulated many false accusations. She observed Mary Warren make a poppet, in court, and she saw that Mary left a needle in the doll. She said that she saw Elizabeth's spirit, plant a needle into her spirit. She then blamed Elizabeth for doing that. Elizabeth had to go to jail even though she did nothing. Abigail manipulated Elizabeth, justice did not prevail then. Abigail only manipulated Elizabeth because she wanted John Procter. Once she realized that she would not get her way, she started interacting negatively with John. She made everyone turn against him. Abigail made Mary Warren reside with her. This caused John to scream, "God is dead!" Since Salem was a theocracy, which means that they followed only God's laws, this might have meant that the situation was such an injustice that the laws do not matter. What John said, and that Elizabeth said that John did have an affair with Abigail, did not initially get him sent to jail. He was accused as a witch by Mary Warren, and that got him sent to jail. He was hanged because he did not want to confess. He believed that all he had was his name, and that he did not want his confession to be hung on the church wall. He decided not to lie even though his life was at stake. What was right did not come through, because John was falsely accused. Judge Danforth strictly follows the law. He knows that justice can only be the law. He believes that his opinion is always right. Even if there is no real proof, he will prove that person guilty. Elizabeth was lying to protect John, but that made him only more guilty. Judge Danforth is very unresistant to changing his opinion. Reverend Hale and Reverend Parris wanted to cancel or postpone the hangings, but he did not want to reprieve the sentence of being hanged. He thought that the town might think that he was unofficial if postponed the hangings, even though they are all in chaos. There are farms unowned, orphans running around, and Danforth only cared about the hangings. Danforth was stubborn about who was guilty, and he would not let Reverend Hale convince him to listen. Danforth convicted many innocent people of doing witchcraft. No one should die due to the fact that the witchcraft trials are based upon lies. This caused for many injustices. Injustice can also happen in history too.
The McCarthy trails were like a witch hunt, but the witches were communists. Throughout the 1940's to the 1950's, America was overwhelmed with concerns about the threat of communism. They would try anything to prevent communism. Focusing on these concerns, a young Senator named Joseph...

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