Does Life Exist Outside Of Earth?

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Does intelligent life exist outside of Earth? It’s a question we all ask ourselves every so often; a question that comes up every now and then, so, why is it that we’re we still left wondering? This question has been lurking alongside humanity for far too long. Should we not have a stable idea if we’re alone in the universe? Unfortunately, answering the eternal question isn’t as easy as a simple yes or no. This is due to the amount of scepticism found in the scientific community, and all with good reason; one must be able to question the liability of many claims if we are to strive for accuracy. But, we should remind ourselves that nothing is impossible; to discover something new, an open mind is required, for a person cannot see behind closed curtains. So please, keep an open mind, and indulge in the wonder of the universe.
Is extra-terrestrial life even possible? There are two possible answers: yes, and no – but let’s not focus on the negative and keep an open mind for now. Extraterrestrial life in microorganisms does exist in space, in the form of extremophiles, they survive in the extremist of places, there are even organisms called tardigrades who can survive in the vacuum of space. Intellectual extraterrestrial life is where the controversy sparks, the evidence to support the theory of life outside Earth has still yet to be potent enough for us to draw any conclusions. Although, the fact that microorganisms have a very real chance of surviving in space, does it not mean the same for intelligent life; if we recognise ourselves as intellectual life we must realise that all life came from microorganism, we evolved according to our environment, so what’s to say they haven’t evolved to what we define as inhabitable? All we need to do is look at the biodiversity on Earth to realise how life learns to adapt.
It’s no secret that finding life hidden by the blackness of the universe is hard, but do we really have the audacity to consider that we’re the only intelligent life out there? Frankly, I don’t know what’s more terrifying, being alone in the void of space on a floating rock orbiting the sun, or how much we tend to shut...

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