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Does Light Bend Towards Or Away From The Normal As It Enters The Glass Block

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A general introduction to the topic, including why the investigation is important.
This investigation will inquire about the nature of light and how it behaves when a beam of light travels through a clear glass block. This investigation is important so the way light behaves can be investigated further, as this investigation will act as the basis of knowledge for future experiments and investigations. It will also help understand the behaviour of light when it travels through different objects.

The aim of the investigation.
The aim of the investigation is to see whether light bends towards or away from the normal as it enters the glass block.

Background information based on your research in Task 1 (400 words)
Light is a form of energy, it gives off electromagnetic energy. Light travels at 300000 km/h and can either
Be reflected off an object, travel through it, or be absorbed by the object. There are multiple properties of light that have been identified; they are Frequency, Wavelength Spectrum, Polarisation, Propagation direction and intensity. (Wikipedia, 2014) Light comes from multiple sources, the main one on earth is the sun, however there are other sources, such as lights/lamps and fire. Without light, we would not be able to see anything, as our optic nerve interprets light and other aspects as colour and allows us to see. Reflection is light radiation that is viewable by the eyes of humans. It is part of the reason why we can see so well. (Wikipedia, 2014) Another element of light is refraction. This is when a wave of light changes direction (bends) when it passes through different mediums, such as water, glass and others. (See diagram 1.1) Total internal reflection is another property that light can have under the correct circumstances. It happens when the angle of incidence reaches the critical angle in a certain medium. (Nave R. , 2010) Transfer of energy is when energy is transferred from one object to another. It can happen through radiation, heat conduction and Electrical power transmission to name a few.
Light waves are simply the visible light that can be seen with the naked eye. These waves are responsible for the vision of all animals and humans, as without light; you would not be able to see anything at all. (Harris & Craig Freudenrich, 2000) (See Figure 1.2)
The Angle of Incidence is another term useful for this experiment. It is the angle that a ray of light makes when it is perpendicular to the surface of an object at the area of incidence. (Physics Classroom) Another
similar rule is the Angle of Refraction. It is the angle made
by a ray of refracted light when it has perpendicular to the

A clearly stated hypothesis with justification (200 words)
It is hypothesised that the light will bend towards the normal when passing through air to glass, and away when passing from glass to air. This is because light travels slower in denser mediums, and faster through less dense ones. Glass is...

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