Does Love Define Us? Essay

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The self and fairytales have a major thing in common: love. Fairytales always have the same plot, love at first sight because of the characteristics one possesses. Everyone in the world has one goal in common, to find their “prince charming” or “snow white” with who they will spend the rest of their lives with, because they want to receive the happily ever after that is so often seen in fairy tales. It is hard to identify the self because many factors influence it, but a major influence over the self is love. In Sonnet 138, “When my love swears that she is made of truth,” Shakespeare uses a poet as the speaker and his lover as the audience in order to express the view that although not ...view middle of the document...

He admits that he knows she is aware that his best days are gone so he must find a new “mask” to put on in order to fulfill the type of lover that is expected of him. He cannot really put standards for her because he is growing old and can lose her so he must adjust around her, even if that means trying on masks until he funds one that fits her standards. He must value himself for much lower because he loves her. By pretending that nothing is wrong they are allowing love to change the self, which will lead to not only love being an illusion but also the self.
Ultimately, Shakespeare uses the form of his poem to convey a double meaning to a certain word in order to express the influence that love has on the self. The first instance in which Shakespeare does so is when he states, “I do believe her, though I know she lies” where the word lies has a double meaning (line 2). The word “lies” can mean that he knows that she is simply lying to him, yet it can also mean that not only is she lying to him but also that she is having sex with other people. Love defines the self because he is being defined as the one that knows the truth but chooses to stay with her because of the fact that he “is old” and cannot afford to lose this love one (line 10). Losing the one he loves means that he would end up dying alone. Another example of the double meaning for the word “lie” is seen as Shakespeare states, “Therefore I lie with her and she with me” (line 13). As with before it can simply mean...

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