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Does McDonalds have a competitive advantage over other fast food restaurants? If so, why? Introduction The aim of this enquiry is to investigate whether McDonalds outlets have a competitive advantage over other fast food stores, in particular Burger King restaurants. If this is true then I will evaluate what their competitive advantages are and how exactly they help McDonalds to achieve their success.To aid me with my investigation I will carry out two forms of research. My primary research will be conducted in the form of questionnaires, of which I will have thirty copies. To ensure the results are not biased in any way, the questionnaires will be given out in Bournemouth?s town centre where random members of the public will fill them out. My secondary data will be collected from using the Internet and relevant web sites, and the use of textbooks will also assist. My findings will be analysed and evaluated in hope of reaching a valid conclusion.Evidence and Analysis The results obtained from the questionnaires do promote the fact that McDonalds has a competitive advantage over the other fast food outlets. As you can see from figure 1, 17 out of the 30 people questioned visit McDonalds more regularly than other fast food outlets.The table of results also shows the actual number of people who visit McDonalds, less regularly, the same or never. It appears that the 57% that visit McDonalds more regularly are mainly students, who do not earn salaries and therefore have low disposable incomes. They find McDonalds food, relatively cheap compared to other fast food outlets.The combined 13% of people questioned who visit McDonalds less or never tended to be 36 years or above. This is largely due to having young children and higher disposable incomes, which gives them the chance to eat in proper restaurants, where prices may be more expensive.People in their mature years have other factors to consider, such as children or simply because they value better quality more than a cheap and fast alternative such as McDonalds. The location of McDonalds outlets also makes a difference to the figures above. The people questioned mentioned the fact that if there wasn?t a McDonalds in the near vicinity but there happened to be a Burger King then it qualifies as a good substitute, regardless of prices. Although the variety of meal choices and special offers McDonalds offers some other outlets provide a better vegetarian selection and therefore some people questioned are visiting those instead of McDonalds, where there is a more civilised table ordering service.Having analysed the results I have discovered that although 57% of the people that I questioned visit McDonalds more regularly than other fast food outlets, there is a small percentage that would visit any other outlet as long as it is near. This is the main reason for the 30%, which again tended to be students that visit McDonalds the same as other places. Some reasons as to why they visit other outlets have...

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