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Does Media Have Too Much Control Over Our Society Today?

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As televisions and radios expand their number of channels, internet gets faster, social media and social websites advance and gain users, media is beginning to play a larger role in human’s lives today. Media is everywhere today in some form no matter where people go. The tendency of the media is to be bias and only tell the partial truth. Politician’s and well known people’s lives are not a secret anymore. Everything about them is being exposed. They are starting to take it too far. Nothing is a secret anymore for anybody, and people do not realize that anything they put on the internet or television cannot be taken back. With thousands of channels on television, there are so many biased opinions which are being talked about every day.
Media has a major role in human’s lives today. Throughout the day, people are surrounded by the media in some form, whether they realize it or not. Cell phones now have internet, television and radios have more channels, and most people are on social media siteors such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There are five major companies who own ninety-five percent of the media: Time Warner, Viacom, Vivendi Universal, Walt Disney, and News Corp (Shafi, Positive). Unfortunately, media has a tendency to be bias and fail to elaborate on the opposing side’s arugment (N/A, Invasion). The most obvious example of this is politics. Television stations such as Fox focus on the republican side of the matter but MSNBC focuses on the democratic side. When people watch Fox they hear about the Republican Party and their views of the democratic decisions. When they watch MSNBC they hear about the Democrat’s opinions. People usually only hear that particular side of the argument and naturally believe it. These stations are very bias. Media also invades people’s privacy (Jones, Winning). Often times, there are reserved seats for the media at major trials (N/A, Visitors). The media is supposed to represent the citizens, so they should do it well. There are many problems with this, because it can turn the trial into a case all about money. People are obsessed with money and the trial could be prolonged, so that they make more money. The judge and jury may also choose the verdict that everybody wants because it will make the citizens happy.
Some may say that the media gets people information quicker than ever (Leopold, Todays). While they do in fact do this, media was primitively created to ask and broadcast the questions that people need to know. Regular citizens cannot be everywhere so they are forced to believe the media. ...

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