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Does Migration Enhance Or Hinder Africa’s Development? Discuss With Reference To Regional And External Migration.(

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Migration and development with regards to Africa are two interdependent processes. In the hopes of diversifying their sources of income through development, people become mobile by seeking better living conditions, education and more advanced labor markets. Migration allows goods, services, skills and labor to be spread across Africa this is a positive thing in terms of the continents development as it becomes more productive.

Today climate change and the fearsome competition for land, has made rural life in Africa critically unsustainable and borderline to poverty because of declining productive resources. As more African countries begin to industrialize and it’s agricultural sectors decline, urbanization rates have begun to accelerate. These migrants, who are normally low skilled/unskilled, are moving from the rural areas to urban areas in the hopes of securing a job and experiencing the glamorous big city life. However this reality is flawed, a mass rural urban migration has had a negative impact on development. Rapidly growing populations in urban areas has put pressure onto African authorities that are now struggling to accommodate everyone through social services jobs and education.

About 20 percent of the migrants in Africa are refugees. Briefly exploring some of the consequences and impacts generated by this sort of displacement include psychological and gender issues, inequality, social fractionalization and violence. Refugees’ adopt survival skills that often have negative impacts on both them and their hosts. Sexual exploitation, violation of their human rights, illegal and unsustainable farming are all examples of situations these African migrants might experience including resorting to theft, substance abuse, reliance upon remittances and migration.

“Over the last decade, Sierra Leone and Liberia have experiences a huge amount of displacement of their population. The 11-year civil war in Sierra Leone is estimated to have caused the displacement of between one and three million people. In Liberia the conflict displaced as much as two thirds of the population.”(number 1)

A rural development initiative throughout Africa would be more effective. ‘Villagisation,’ was an economic development policy created by Julius Nyerere who was president of Tanzania from 1964 to 1985. By encouraging families not to urbanize and stay in rural areas, it centered on collective agriculture in the hopes of making Tanzanians self-sufficient. The government supported the programme by funding participants and introducing new farming techniques plus technology to locals but the local communities were left to determine their own rate of progress development wise. Local communities sometimes embrace multicultural societies as an “invasion”. Social fractionalization hinders Africa’s development as some of its people choose not to trade or work together due a number of social reasons that cause disputes. This particular policy obscured cultural, religious and...

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