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Does Moderate Consumption Of Alcohol Decrease The Risk Of Cardio Vascular Disease

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From ancient times populations have associated a moderate consumption of numerous fermented drinks such as beer and wine with improved cardio vascular health with no scientific backing. In the past its been scientifically proved that excessive consumption of alcohol has lead to an increase in morbidity and mortality. In previous studies globally have shown positive results of moderate alcohol consumption, moderate alcohol consumption is defined to be 12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine or 1.5 ounces of liquor depending on the concentration of alcohol present, the higher the concentration the lower recommended consumption quantity. Studies showed that alcoholic beverages produce beneficial ...view middle of the document...

Red wine consists of almost 10 times the quantity of polyphenols respective to white wine. Reason being red wine is fermented for weeks along with the skin containing the highest amounts of phenolic compounds numerically “1.2-3.0 g/L” (Medina-Remón, 2012). This therefore proves the point moderate consumption of alcohol helps with reducing cardio vascular risk.
To add on, both flavonoids and non-flavonoids compounds have been associated in the beneficial effects of wine in respect to the cardio vascular system. The “stilbene resveratrol has been one of the most extensively studied nonflavonoids as a critical constituent that contributes to the health benefits of red wine” (Medina-Remón, 2012) this allows us to understand that consumption of alcohol reduces the risks associated with cardio vascular diseases. In experimental studies it was recorded that “resveratrol exhibited both cardio-protective and chemo-protective effects” therefore not only does it help with cardio vascular diseases but helps inhibit some tumors, anti inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and anti-angiogenic activates. A great example to support this point is French diets; they tend to consume fat rich diets and usually have high cholesterol composition, yet we see that they tend to have healthy hearts and arteries, which is explained by a common factor red wine.
Furthermore benefits of moderate consumption include, influences on coronary artery diseases (CAD), which is one of the most common heart diseases. “Causing nearly 60% deaths in America and 25% of all deaths”. (Dufour 1996;Klatky et al. 1990a, 1992). One of the most common symptom being angina pectoris, followed by chest pains, or discomfort in breathing it’s often of a vague nature. Stated by “Heberden 1786…wine and spirituous liquors…afford considerable relief” (KLatsky, 1999) based on this we can evaluate that the assumption of alcohol consumption and improved cardio vascular health dates back to nearly two centuries. This can be further explained by alcohol being presumed to relieve angina by dilation of the coronary blood vessels.
To add on, lower risk of myocardial infraction in genders is perceived to be in relationship to consumption of moderate levels of alcohol. That affects lipoprotein (HLD), coagulation as well as reactivity to insulin. Circulation of cholesterol is one of the best protective factor of alcohol intake.

Contrary to its benefits moderate consumption of alcohol also has it limitations, one of the limitations being quantifying how much alcohol is suitable for an individual. Based on the quantities mentioned in the introduction it’s relatively...

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