Does Money Give Power? Essay

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I've chosen to explore the topic money and power. The type of power here is economic power.This type of power is being used every day in our lives, when we use money to buys things, when we give money to people in exchange for goods or services. An example of this is when someone hires a maid, she is being paid money to clean a house, and the employer has power over her, they can tell her what to clean and how to clean it.The real power that money gives us is the power to choose. We can choose what kind of food we eat and what type of clothes we wear because we have the money to buy different things. Poor people don't have this power to choose, as they can only buy cheap food and clothes, or may not be able to buy any at all. Then, on the other side of the scale are people who have enormous amounts of money. Celebrities and millionaires have a lot of this power, and because of their vast amount of money, they can buy almost anything they like, so this gives them a lot of power over their life because they have so many choices.People all over the world are exerting this power that comes with money. Every time we buy something we are exerting this power. Money can also be used to gain other types of power. It can be used to buy weapons and to influence people's opinions. So money goes hand in hand with many types of power and can be expressed in different ways.The effects that this power has on people are things like corruption, envy, and greed. People set out to use their power for good but end up being overpowered by their greed so they use their power for personal gain. Other people envy people with money...

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1072 words - 5 pages year just for paying the bills alone. The problems that people face globally is that as more money is spent and with the problem of inflation, the bill prices would only increase and thus become more expensive. Solar power is energy efficient, what is meant by that is that solar power cannot ever run out as long as it is installed properly. Solar power cells is a source of electrical energy that converts a powerful source of energy such as the sun

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1703 words - 7 pages positive ones. Using the power of money, one can change countless lives stuck in poverty. Using the power of money, one can provide a living for oneself and a ray of hope in another’s life. Seeing a positive use of power as money, I help an approximate number of fifteen physically disable children in the care of the Salvation Army in India. Shocked by the state of their lives, I felt the need to make use of something in order to give hope to the children. Thus, with the power of money, I started donating regularly in the hope that, if not much, at least they may have the comfort of living properly. Thus, with the use of money, power expresses many positive deeds.

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868 words - 3 pages both girls were from low to lower middle class families, they would better understand that money is not everything. However, no matter how much an individual does or does not value money, money equals power, and always will. People have subconscious drive to be more powerful than those around them and money allows them to do that. Money allows people have whatever they want, whether it be a material item, or even a person. The tobacco industry is

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