Does More Money Invested In Education Translate Into Better Scores?

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How does the amount of money spent on education affect the test scores of the countries as well as the level of education of the population? I am curious to see if the amount of money allotted for education affects the success rate of the student. I personally believe that the amount of money invested in the student will cause a difference in the height of the test scores and it will encourage student to further their education. Because if you don’t invest in education you wont grow in education. The world in rapidly changing and to be successful in the world you need to have access to the knowledge that will help you understand the things that are changing. Investing in technology in schools as well as more teaching will defiantly make a difference in the advancement of students. So investing in education is investing in long-term success not only in the country but I the world because increasing education in each generation will improve the future. During this paper I will answer this question by comparing three political systems in the following countries The Netherlands, Germany, and Sweden. I will be researching these countries through the use of many variables, which are test scores, the amount of money nationally invested in education, and the percentage of people who have taken advantage of reaching certain educational levels.
According to Germany has 81.3 million people and has a GPD of $38,100 has per capita which although is high in comparison to the rest of the world is actually the lowest out of the three countries I am researching. I feel that this may have a negative impact of their education system in comparison to the others. Germany is known for there incredibly high taxes which for many reach 45% of their income. Although Germany may have some of the highest taxes in the world it allows them to have many perks that most other countries don’t have such as shorter work days, higher standard of living, excellent healthcare, and low crime rates. This Federal Republic has one of the most stable governments in the world.
The Netherlands the small country just west of Germany has more of a difference in their government system because they still have a constitutional monarchy along with a parliamentary democracy. According the Netherlands is home to the 16.7 million people. The Netherlands's GDP per capita is $42,000 ( the Netherlands this information means that there is a high standard of living in the Netherlands. I’m sure that because they live by such high standards that it will have some sort of an effect on how well students preform academically.
The final country I will be researching is Sweden which has a small population of 19.1 million people, it’s a constitutional monarchy is similar to the Netherlands in the way that they are both represented by a king as well as a prime minster. Sweden's GDP per capita is $41,900, Sweden is only slightly behind the Netherlands as far...

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