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Does Multivitamin Extend Your Lifespan Essay

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In our life, the task we do can be tiring, physically as well as emotionally. People who are in
Physical stress is perfect example of stress builders. For example, those who do hard work for long
hours, particularly students who work extensively. On the other hand, those people may face mental strain
such as having personal problem with their family or co-workers. With all of these example of everyday
tense work, multivitamins play a good role, because it helps slow down the effect on aging and reduce the
risk of other diseases. In contrast, multivitamin can also have a toxic affect if taken too much of it and
particular attention at the liver. With the liver absorbing too much of the multivitamins it can accumulate
to reach a toxic levels and cause liver damage. With multivitamin to help us live the ideal way, would it
increase the rate of our lifespan? Many researchers have introduces multivitamin to be pack with nutrients
that provide significant health benefits, creates side effect that have toxic minerals in the liver, and
improve our daliy lifestyle that might give in a effect in the later time.

First, multivitamins contain complex product that have vitamin and minerals which are important
factor in metabolic processes. Through many research, scientist have found that multivitamin do
improve our ways of life. For instance, the Physicians Health Study (PHS) report of a cohort study1 that
uses various lifestyle, clinical, and dietary factors to improve our understanding of who tends to use
multivitmains in 18,040 middle-aged and older men. Four groups were broken down and examined, the
study found were that 36% of men and 74% of men who were smokers were currently using
multivitamins. Also, the other 16% of men who had history of hypercholesterolemia were using
multivitamins. The results show that self reported multivitamin use associated with lifestyle, clinical and
dietary factors may be indicator of healthy behaviour. In addition, evidence shown that multivitamin has
improve and increase our rate of living longer. For example, the university of melboure conducted a
study2 where multivitamins supplementation may be associated with beneficial effects for mood and
general well-being. An assessed of 8 to 16 weeks were followed, with 138 healthy young adults between
the ages of 20 – 50 years old. Also, people who had high intake of stress were analyzed. The study found
that people who were multi- tasking during stressful condition were able to significantly reduced stress.
Given these points, Multivitamin have improve our daily lifestyle with essential vitamins needed to live
longer and improve our life.

Second, with multivitamin here to help improve our lives the side effect can...

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