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Does Neo Of The Matrix Fullfil

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An engine consists of many parts which work together to transform energy into mechanical force. With the absence of any of those parts, the collection is no longer an engine, but an assembly of parts with no purpose. Similar to this is the archetype of the hero. A hero must have all the parts necessary to complete a journey or else he or she is just like every other collection of human matter. The protagonist of The Matrix, Neo, is in every sense a hero as he possesses all the characteristics of a hero and undertakes an archetypal heroic journey. According to Joseph Cambell's research on the hero, Neo identifies with both the seeker and sage hero archetype and follows the five steps which are entailed in all hero journeys. Although Neo does appear to fit the hero archetype, freeing the human race from mental oppression cannot be the job of a coward.When a character exhibits certain characteristics, an audience will interpret these characteristics and identify that character as a hero. The first clue to Neo's heroic character is that he is separated from a place of comfort and taken to new surroundings. That is the first step in a hero journey and this happens to Neo when he is taken out of the Matrix. Neo is then initiated and faces unfamiliar circumstances which begin to teach him about himself and his task. It is then when Neo begins to fall into the seeker and sage...

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