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Does Nuclear Energy Become A Major Policy Challenge That Iran May Face?

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Does nuclear energy become a major policy challenge that Iran may face?
Energy policy has become a serious challenge these days in modern Iran. To examine this challenge first we must define the energy as a public good, secondly outline Iran’s energy policy and its consumption patterns as well as its nuclear energy program. Moreover, argue why Iran’s nuclear energy program is not acceptable worldwide and how it becomes an issue in the present day and finally, the impact of Iran’s nuclear energy program on the global economy.
To begin with, the nature of energy is considered as a public good. A public good is defined as an important benefit for an individual, which cannot be denied or ...view middle of the document...

Simon 2007).
Secondly, concerning Iran’s energy policy and its energy consumption patterns as well as its nuclear program, evidence shows that energy usage in Iran has increased and it has impacted on the country’s economic standing. Some factors, which result in this consumption pattern, are the high growth rate of consumption in the traffic sector, an increase usage of electric energy, thus creating an extreme amount of stress on our environment. Iran’s energy policy is based around its natural energy sources such as natural gas, resulting in the country now expanding these natural resources to satisfy the growing energy demand. In this regard, natural gas needs a comprehensive energy policy, which can be obtained with sustainable development. Consequently, with this policy considered the energy saving’s and the potential renewable source of energy stored and created would replenish the national energy demand. Thus, all these reasons result in Iran’s incentives to gain access to nuclear energy. However at the same time these reasons cannot be accepted worldwide due to other country’s access to many different renewable sources of energy, such as solar and wind energies that are more cost effective than nuclear energy, rich source of natural gas and electric power plants which are economically more beneficial than nuclear power plants, energy preserving and increased production of existing sources of energy which all eradicate the direct need of nuclear energy (Mohsen Massarral). Iran’s nuclear program becomes one of the most controversial issues in today’s international politics because it is not acceptable worldwide. Some countries tend to manipulate their access to nuclear weapon regardless of many treaties limiting or prohibiting. One of these is obviously Iran who is member of the Nuclear-Non-Proliferation Treaty. Iran’s nuclear program is currently in progress despite worldwide concerns. Worldwide concerns about Iran’s nuclear program due to its location, social beliefs and its government that is known as an untrustworthy government to many international communities and countries. The IAEA and the UN do not acknowledge Iran’s nuclear program; they are deceived into believing that Iran is capable of enriching uranium and its access to nuclear energy is controversial since its many threats against Israel and West. While, Iran claims that it is trying to establish a nuclear fuel cycle to support a civilian energy program, it is also argued that this fuel cycle can be used for a nuclear weapon program. Opponents of Iran’s nuclear program also maintain that Iran spread out its...

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