Does Obama Really Want To Take Our Guns?

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Does Obama Really Want to Take Our Guns?

Our country has always believed in a citizens right to own a gun. It is a principle that is so important to our country, that it is listed as the second of twenty-seven constitutional amendments. Gun control is a subject of great controversy that carries many true and false claims. Many people believe our second amendment rights are being attacked, and that the government wants to take our guns away. It is my belief that Obama does not want to take our guns, but future administrations may use laws made today to do just that in the future. As more gun related tragedies occur in our country, the question has become "How can we reduce gun violence in our county?", as opposed to "How can we take the peoples' guns away?", but are the laws that the Obama administration are attempting to make paving the way for Americans being disarmed in the future? In this paper, I hope to help the reader realize that Obama does not want to take our guns, but the actions we are taking now may not be the best decisions for the present or the future.

The majority of the time that gun control is discussed, you will hear points made such as "Guns don't kill people, people kill people." Anti-gun-control lobbyists argue that Obama blames mass shootings, homicides, and suicides on guns. Is Obama placing blame in the wrong place? Those opposed to gun control argue that it is the mentally ill and insane killing people, and they question why is Obama placing gun restrictions, when it is not the guns fault? Ultimately, it is people that kill people, and the Obama administration agrees. This is why President Obama's plan includes research for the mentally ill, funding for treatment of the mentally ill, and the launch of a national dialogue on mental health, but some funding, experiments, and a suggestion to discuss the mentally ill is simply not a large enough effort to solve one of the root causes of gun violence.

Another common claim made is that the Obama administration is trying to make gun's unavailable to law-abiding Americans through background checks. What his plan works toward is keeping guns out of the hands of criminals. The most effective way they see in doing this is by improving background checks. The steps he takes toward improving background checks include requiring federal agencies to make relevant data available to the background check system, addressing legal barriers that withhold information from the system, giving law enforcement the ability to run a full background check before returning a seized gun, and publishing a letter providing guidance on how to run a background checks. My initial assumptions were that none of these efforts even hint towards taking away guns from law-abiding citizens, but instead they are trying to keep guns away from criminals and the mentally unstable. My views have changed after my research. I have learned through our country's history that these laws could...

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