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Does Parent Depression Correspond With Child Depression

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Many people believe that children are intuitive to their parent’s emotional state of mind. Some studies have shown depressed parents are unresponsive to their children’s physical, psychological, social, and emotional need, which leads to the children feeling, dejected. Studies link the depression through symptoms the child and parent exhibit, and the risk the child may face later on in life. Through case studies and additional research it has been found that parental depression is mildly linked to child depression.
The Child Study Center refers to depression as “a range of emotions from ordinary sad moods to suicidal behavior.” ...view middle of the document...

Parental depression has symptoms that include hostile, unaffectionate, and increased negative interaction toward the child (Lovejoy et al).
Growing up with a depressed parent has physical, psychological, social, and emotional risks. Depressed parents can sometimes be unresponsive to their child’s needs. This could play an important role for the physical development of infants because they go through such a rapid growth process. Children who themselves suffer from depression can experience a loss of appetite which could also lead to malnourishment (Child Study Care, 2003). The fact that the depressed parent is so impassive to the child’s needs could lead to the undernourishment of the child, affecting the child’s physical development .The psychological risks of growing up with a depressed parent include early depression and anxiety for young children. Depression can be detected as early as age five (Bureau et al). One study showed that if a depressed child had a depressed parent than...

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