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Does Pro Football Have A Positive Or Negative Effect On Society?

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The National Football League, without a doubt has a huge impact on American society. This impact however, can have many positive or negative effects on our culture. It can bring people together with a common interest, raise or lower the morale of a city, and influence the economy. However, either the good or the bad aspects must outweigh the other. Most Americans would say that the positive aspects of football are very important to our and the negative effects are much more minimal.Having a home team to cheer for can bring people together, even people who are very different from each other. Pittsburgh, for example bonds over the love of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The city is brought together through its history and through the excitement of current seasons. Sam Toperoff refers to Pittsburgh as being bound together so tightly that being torn apart is impossible:If you want to know about the "Stillers" (as the team is known in local dialect), talk to Pittsburghers about their city. If you want to know about the city, talk about the "Stillers." You'll discover you've learned about the bond as well (Toperoff 17).The connection between the city and the team is understood to be so close that being a Steelers fan, for many, is part of one's identity.Even the accent and language used in Pittsburgh stem from the Steelers. Pittsburgh's famous football announcer, Myron Cope, made the Pittsburgh accent famous and even made up words that are used regularly in the city. It gives a sense of unity and uniqueness to the city.The New Orleans Saints are another good example of a positive influence on society. After Hurricane Katrina, the morale of the city of New Orleans was at an all time low. They were forced to play all of their home games at other teams' stadiums in the 2005-06 season, but this year they have their own home stadium. The new stadium symbolizes that the whole city can start rebuilding and overcoming the hardships they went through. The Saints have taken a leadership role in the healing of the entire region, the Saints had an amazing start to their season and their wins have now become a symbol of the cities hard work and determination to rebuild their city and their lives (Story).Football has an enormous effect on the economy in America. The Super Bowl alone creates hug amounts of sales. Super Bowl XL made over one hundred million dollars on its official products and other industries such as the electronics industries increase revenues by large margins also. For example, before Super Bowl XL retailers sold over fourteen million big screen TVs (Harper). Charities can also be improved by either charities run by the NFL, or charities improved through the publicity of professional football. With the help of famous football players supporting a cause, the...

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