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Does Proof Exists That Extraterrestrial Life Visited Earth.

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Does life exist on other planets besides Earth? Has extraterrestrial life visited Earth recently or in our distant past? The notion of extraterrestrial life is a very intriguing subject possibly for as long as mankind has looked into the vast heavens gazing at the stars. Can one say that life on Earth was done by Mother Nature which some call evolution? Is life on Earth the result of creation or alteration by a higher power or being? Some people do believe that other forms of life except those on Earth do exist. Others consider it false because there is no absolute proof beyond doubts. There have been countless occurrences by individuals around the world of either being contacted or abducted by alien life forms. Many unofficial accounts describe the Earth as being visited by one or more alien species. These various alien species that possibly visited Earth may be interested in observing the development of the human species.
Nevertheless there have been many discussions of government cover ups. Scientists and astronomers are not officially agreeing with what is explained as evidence provided by the supporters of life forms other than mankind visiting or inhabiting Earth. In the current era Area 51 (Cited from Wikipedia Area 51 is owned by the federal government and was established by the CIA in 1955 to develop classified military projects.) has been the focus of movies and alleged news reports of alien abductions, aliens and alien aircraft sightings. My mind questions mankind’s rapid advances in technology, was this the result of information our government discovered during visitations by other intelligent beings. Some believe this undisclosed information has given the human race the ability to make quantum leaps so far into advanced technology that earlier scholars like Einstein and prophets like Nostradamus only could dream of? Moreover our superb and aggressive advancement in the areas of stealth aircraft, nuclear weapons development and satellite tracking for these intercontinental nuclear weapons delivery systems not a question? Furthermore computer technology and building architecture are examples how far we have advanced in the last three decades. .
For example various popular television shows and books tend to lean towards mankind being visited, possibly created or genetically modified by extraterrestrial life forms that traveled to Earth for the abundance of resources that exist here. It is believed the Anunnaki (Cited from Wikipedia Anunnaki are Sumerian gods also described as group of deities in ancient Mesopotamian cultures.) came to this planet many centuries ago...

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