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Does Quran Verifies Science Essay

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There always has been a huge gap and conflict between the religious and scientific beliefs. There were very few people who believe both religion and science at the same time. The main trend of being human more towards science than religion is due to the fact that people do not see logical reasons and argument for most of the religious beliefs. From the past few centuries, people have become more rational and argumentative than the past. A man from ancient civilization often used to believe in the authority of pope without questioning him for the proofs. With the advent of Islam, the authority of religious people became significantly less due to the rights of equality Islam gave to all the people. However, later in the Islamic period many people rose and declare themselves better than others. But those were mainly the corrupt ones who did not comply with the commandments of Islam. Today science has become so advanced that every belief or concept is not accepted by the people unless sound logical argument s are provided. One may think, then most of the people should discard religion due to lack of such logical arguments, but it is not the case. So the question arises that do religious beliefs exist on sound basis of logic? And is there any compatibility between the religion and modern science? This is a huge vast topic that cannot be explained in just an essay, but to narrow it down this essay mainly specifies Quran as a book of religious beliefs with the research question that “Does Quran verify or contradict the most fundamental scientific laws?” this is worthy of consideration here that this essay is related to the comparison of Quran with only the fundamental laws, because a great number of scientific theories still are not verified by the scientific method and discussing those theories are not enough fruitful. With some of the research and logical conclusions drawn, rest of the essay is argumentative proof of the thesis statement that “Quran verifies the fundamental scientific laws”. This essay is also related to refutation of the arguments which are generally considered against the above thesis statement.
Quran verifies some astronomical scientific facts which have been fundamentally established with mathematics and physics. One of the fundamental astronomical facts, which have been verified after a huge time of research and hard work, is the Big Bang. It primarily explains the phenomena of the universe formation. It says that whole universe was a ball of mass called the primary nebula before many billion years. Then there was a secondary separation called the “Big Bang” that leaded to the formation of the first subatomic particles and then after the massive time of 13.82 billion years the galaxies formed and these then divided to form stars, planets, the sun, the moon etc. it has been established that the probability of this event by chance was zero and this whole happening was unique. By referring to Quran deeply, we come across a verse...

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