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Does Acceptance Of A Religion Lead To Technological Progression?

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In today’s world, large Asian societies seem to be improving day by day. New scientific and technological advances help them grow into more sophisticated communities. Countries such as China, India, and Japan are of such sophistication that they seem to surpass Western countries in technological development. Some may believe that this is due to the open acceptance that the religious affiliations of these countries may have towards scientific developments. Even though it may be perceived that way, the development of whole countries has other factors that go into the development. Western civilizations, throughout history, often challenged theories and studies because of religious conflict. Thus, the Western world appears to be less technologically developed than some Eastern countries.
In Asia, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam have been viewed as great supporters for science. They have all included some type of scientific methods or beliefs that intertwined with the beliefs of science. Buddhism helped further studies within psychology because of its understanding of the conscience mind; Islam was a basis for astronomy because Muslims had to navigate in the deserts using the stars; and Hinduism helped the development of mathematics and the decimal system. From ancient to modern times, these religions have embraced the study and understanding of the natural world. These religions have a harmony with science that has even benefitted scientific study.
Within Buddhism, there is a focus on mind, body and how to better yourself in different aspects of life. There are also different branches of Buddhism. There is traditional and contemporary or modern Buddhism. Modern Buddhism is more of a Western adaptation of Buddhism because traditional Buddhism was a completely foreign idea until Paul Carus sought to make a clearer depiction of the religion. Generally, Buddhism was also referred to as the “rational religion”. This may be another reason why Buddhism seemed the compliment science so well. Science was based on rational theories supported by evidence. In modern science, psychology has benefitted from studies working with this religion by studying the human mind and how it works. Acceptance of the study is opened new advances and horizons for others. However, the relationship between science and Buddhism may be overshadowed by the disputes Buddhism and Christianity had in the past. The western perception if Buddhism has related it to science more than it would Christianity. (Cho 2012) Science has been supported by many Buddhists but it does not mean it is significant reason in advancement. For Buddhist, most scientific discoveries do not interfere with their beliefs. This makes it easier to accept different concepts and ideas of the natural world that comes with supporting evidence.
Hinduism, as a polytheistic religion, has its core beliefs pertaining to the origin and purpose of human life. Mathematics was one of the major arithmetic studied in India,...

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