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Does 'romeo And Juliet' Deserve To Be Considered Pop Culture In The Elizabethan Era?

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Most of us today have heard of Shakespeare at some point in our lives. We have been told his works are a 'classic' or a 'masterpiece'. But does his most famous and well-known play 'Romeo and Juliet' deserve to be considered pop culture?Popular culture today usually consists of action packed Hollywood movies, reality television shows like Big Brother, random singers who are known for their publicity more than their actual singing abilities and the technology craze that is emptying millions of wallets. Almost everyday on your way to work or school you would see an I-pod or mp3 player. These things are taken for granted and are making the people oblivious to the 'traditional' or 'higher class' cultural activities such watching a theatrical play or attending a formal banquet. People would entertain themselves a rock concert, nightclub or disco than sit for many hours watching actors read dull plays that seem to go in circles.Yes- indeed these activities are no longer as popular as they were Shakespeare's time but why should they not still be appreciated? They were once the rage and the height of entertainment. People would be as enthusiastic to go to a Shakespeare play as if it was the finals for the soccer world cup. This was during the peak of the Elizabethan Era in the 16th century.Most people's attitudes, especially today's youth misunderstand Shakespeare's plays and the fail to see the immense cultural values of it. Teens today would moan or even shriek when they hear that they would be studying Shakespeare. They treat it as an omen rather than a blessing.Shakespeare has received many bad impressions in today's society but it isn't really that bad. When you actually read 'Romeo and Juliet' you would find that it is actually quite engaging. The language may be outdated but the main motives and themes are still there. Actors would have acted the play in the same energetic and vigorous way as today's actors in a movie.The key element between a successful story and an unsuccessful story is the plot. If the plot wasn't interesting then no matter how well it is performed it would be terrible. Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' is a classical love tragedy. The plot can be accepted in both periods of time, as most of us love a dramatic ending.The play set in Verona, Italy. Like most of Shakespeare's plays it starts in the form of a fourteen-line sonnet. The prologue describes the background information and the recapitulates what happens. This helps prepare the audience for what's coming and inform then of the situation. The play consists of two noble families, the Capulets and the Montagues that have feuded for generations.Romeo is one of the major characters who is emotional, passionate and does what he believes is right. He is first in love with Rosaline and then falls in love with Juliet. Romeo is a Monatague and...

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